Why Does My Motion Detector Stay on all the Time?

A porch with a soffit security light and a wrought iron fence in front of it

Installing a motion detector on your property is a great way to keep your home safe. Approximately 60 percent of convicted burglars say they would steer clear of a well-lit home with a security system. But what if your motion detector malfunctions? If your motion light stays on all the time, you can call a professional […]

How to Start a Flower Garden

Well-lit flower bed and palm trees in front of a beautiful Spanish style home

If living your best life involves lounging in a relaxing, fragrant backyard, you may want to consider creating a flower garden this year. In addition to being beautiful, flower gardens help relieve anxiety, positively influence your emotions, and increase your productivity. By making a plan, choosing the right plants, following the proper steps, and adding […]

How to Light Your Garden

A swimming pool is professionally lit up at night

If you are looking for a way to revitalize the look of your garden, it may be time to consider adding outdoor lighting. Of course, trying to figure out the best way to light your garden can be a bit tricky since there are tons of options and styles you can choose from. If you’re having […]

Fourth of July Lighting Ideas

Fireworks bursting in the night sky with words overtop that reads, Fourth of July lighting ideas

Independence Day is a fantastic time to celebrate the freedoms we get to enjoy every day with our friends and family. Barbeques, pool parties, a family and friends field day, or any activity you have planned can feel more patriotic with a little mood lighting. These Fourth of July Lighting ideas are easy, safe, and […]

Where should I Place Outdoor Security Lights?

A security light over the front porch of a house

According to a major study conducted in New York’s public housing areas, outdoor security lighting cuts nighttime crime by 39 percent. The study of 80 high-crime housing developments found that security lighting dramatically decreased the instance of both misdemeanor and felony crimes. In general, all security lighting deters crime; criminals are less likely to strike if they think […]

How to Wire Outdoor Lights

Landscape features are lit up at night by LED lighting

The right outdoor lighting can add a lot of ambiance and curb appeal to your property. At the same time, outdoor lighting can serve a functional purpose. If your property is lacking the outdoor lighting you desire, you can always install new light boxes, wiring, and lighting to suit your needs. Before you get started, however, there […]

How to Light a Pool Area

A beautifully lit pool with bubblers inside and plants all around

There are few features of your home that can add the kind of entertainment value, convenience, and sheer fun of an outdoor pool. Whether you’re constructing a new pool or hoping to revamp the one you’ve had for years, you’ll find that lighting serves a crucial role in this process. Here are some things you’ll […]

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

A beautiful back yard with a gazebo seen at night by outdoor lighting

When you want to add lighting to the exterior of your home, you’ll quickly realize that you have a lot of options to choose from. The choices you make will depend on your specific wants and needs, as well as the elements of your home and property. Here is how to choose outdoor lighting: Incandescent, Fluorescent, […]

Best Color Temperature for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting lights up the face of a South Texas home

When you get outdoor lighting, you’ll find that each kind has a different Kelvin (K) number. Different kinds of outdoor lights have different color temperatures, depending on what their Kelvin count is. So how do you know what color temperature you need for your outdoor lights? Here are some tips on choosing the best color temperature for lighting […]

5 Scary Exterior Lighting Ideas for Halloween

A variety of lit Jack-o-Lanterns on the ground at night

Do you love Halloween? If so, then it’s time to start decorating! Whether you’re inviting in trick-or-treaters or you’re throwing a Halloween bash, your front yard will give people their first impression of your Halloween spirit. One of the biggest elements of your Halloween landscape decorations is the lighting. After all, Halloween activities generally start […]