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The gorgeous weather in Austin and San Antonio allows residents to spend plenty of time outdoors. People who love spending time in their outdoor spaces know how much outdoor lighting adds to the experience. With outdoor kitchen lighting, you have an outdoor space to enjoy late-night dinners or snacks, a nice spot to hang out, or both. Here’s how we use outdoor light to improve your outdoor kitchen area.

The Art of Outdoor Kitchen Illumination and Lighting

When making dinner in your outdoor kitchen or having a snack at a nearby outdoor dining area, you’ll need to see what you are doing. At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting and Design, we can illuminate your outdoor kitchen in a way that adds beauty while providing exceptional visibility. Whether you want an elegant outdoor wall light or practical step lights for safety, we’ll help you get the most out of your outdoor kitchen and dining lighting.

We offer the following lights to illuminate your outdoor kitchen or dining area. 

Outdoor Wall Lighting

We offer an array of Kichler outdoor wall lighting in different colors, styles, and sizes so you can find the right fit for your outdoor kitchen or dining area. Kichler’s outdoor wall lighting fixtures come with one to four bulbs.

Deck Lights

Deck lights are usable in several places around your outdoor kitchen or dining area, such as the side of a fence post or an outdoor kitchen wall. We offer Kichler deck lights with multiple types of finishes.

Hardscape Lighting

We offer several sizes of Kichler hardscape lighting. Hardscape lighting is versatile and can be used for step lighting, under counter lighting, and more. Our Kichler hardscape lighting can pivot 270 degrees so you can shine light wherever you need it.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Lighting

Outdoor ceiling fan lights provide light while keeping you cool on hot Austin or San Antonio days. Kichler has a range of outdoor ceiling fans with a variety of features and designs. Our experts can help you select the right one for your outdoor kitchen or dining area.

Outdoor Hanging Lights

We offer a wide range of Kichler outdoor hanging lights, from simple single-bulb fixtures to ornate chandeliers. These lights are an excellent way to illuminate tables while enhancing your outdoor dining area’s aesthetics.

Outdoor Step Lights

Concrete steps with path lighting.

We can equip your steps with Kichler’s step lighting to increase safety and help your outdoor kitchen or dining area feel more welcoming in the dark. Kichler’s step lights feature multiple designs and finishes to help you find the right look for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

From simple to elaborate, we have a variety of Kichler outdoor ceiling lights to illuminate your outdoor kitchen or dining area. Kichler outdoor ceiling lights feature one to three bulbs.

Tailored LED Landscape Lighting Designs for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen is unique, from its layout to its features, so it’s important that its lighting is as well. One of our skilled outdoor lighting designers will visit your property to devise an outdoor kitchen lighting plan with you that will bring your outdoor kitchen to life at night. This lets you get the optimal lighting for your outdoor kitchen and dining needs. 

Benefits of Enhanced Outdoor Lighting’s Outdoor Kitchen Lighting 

Outdoor lighting around a pool and under a patio.

When it comes to outdoor kitchen lighting for your property, you deserve premium quality. No one wants to have a light fixture fail during an outdoor dinner party or in the middle of cooking. We’ll equip your outdoor kitchen or dining area with exceptional outdoor lighting that offers durability.

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting proudly uses quality Kichler lighting. Kichler has decades of experience making high-quality lights. We also use LED lighting that offers homeowners long-lasting and efficient lighting that can save them money on energy bills over conventional lighting. 

Outdoor Lighting Installation Expertise in Austin and San Antonio, Texas

When it comes to lighting, professional installation is always a good idea. Not only is electricity dangerous, but there is a lot to it. When we install your outdoor kitchen lighting, we return to make adjustments to optimize the lighting. Save yourself the hassle and risk of trying to install your outdoor kitchen lighting yourself by letting our team seamlessly integrate outdoor lighting with your outdoor kitchen.

Contact Us for Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

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Ready to elevate your outdoor culinary experience? Contact Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design today for a personalized consultation and let us illuminate your outdoor kitchen with style and functionality.


Below you’ll find questions and answers about our services. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What types of outdoor kitchen lighting do you offer?

We offer the following Kichler lights for your outdoor kitchen and dining areas: 
Outdoor wall lights
Outdoor hanging lights
Hardscape lights
Deck lights
Step lights
Outdoor ceiling fan lights
Outdoor ceiling lights

Can outdoor kitchen lighting be customized to match my landscaping style?

Yes! Our designers create a unique design based on your landscape and personal preferences. They are also happy to collaborate with your landscape designer or architect to maintain your landscape’s distinct style. 

Is the installation process disruptive to my outdoor space?

While there will be some disruption as we will need access to your space for the installation, we will do our best to minimize our impact as we believe in providing our customers with excellent service.

Do your outdoor kitchen lighting solutions save energy?

We offer many LED lights that offer energy savings over conventional lighting.

How can I get started on my outdoor kitchen lighting project?

Contact us for a free consultation on your outdoor kitchen lighting.

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