Farmhouse & Barn Outdoor Lighting Ideas in Austin and San Antonio, Texas

A gooseneck style light.

When selecting light fixtures for your home’s exterior and landscape, the options may seem daunting. To help you out, in this blog post, the Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design team will look at different types of outdoor farmhouse and barn light fixtures and explain the benefits of barn lighting.  With all lighting, selecting fixtures suitable […]

How to Accent Trees With Outdoor Lighting?

Landscape lighting lights up a huge tree.

A dark yard is like an empty canvas for outdoor lighting. By using outdoor lighting, you can highlight features of your landscape. Here, Enhanced Outdoor Lighting will look at how to use outdoor lighting to accent trees to create visual interest and enhance the beauty of your landscape. With the tips in this blog post, […]

What Are the Common Types of Outdoor Light Fixtures?

Landscape lighting on the front of a home.

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work and relaxing in your serene outdoor living space. But it may be difficult to enjoy your yard in the evenings if you don’t have adequate lighting—what was once a peaceful retreat becomes a place full of tripping hazards. It’s also hard to appreciate the […]

Boat Dock Lighting in Austin and San Antonio

A boat at a dock.

Texas is a great place for boating. There are countless lakes and rivers to enjoy. However, boating can also be highly dangerous. Sadly, in 2020 alone, 55 people lost their lives in boating accidents in Texas.  One of the ways you can take action to make boating safer is by making sure your dock is […]

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen and Patio Lighting with a table.

Using an outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy more time outside. With the right lighting setup, you can use it long after the sun has set. Whether preparing a late dinner for friends or fixing yourself a midnight snack, outdoor kitchen lighting makes all these things possible. When you’re working in a kitchen, […]

Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas

The dramatic stonework of a homes exterior seen by the light of outdoor LED lighting

An outdoor wall light is a great way to bring a touch of style and sophistication to your home. It also comes with other benefits. Plus, there are so many kinds of wall lighting to choose from. In this blog post, Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design reviews the types of wall lights and how you […]

What is Hardscape Lighting?

Steps leading to a home

Lighting can do a lot to enhance your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting can be applied to your hardscaping in several ways to enrich your outdoor experience as well as the look and feel of your hardscaping. In this blog post, Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design show some ways hardscape lighting can showcase your hardscaping and […]

Benefits of Having a Sound System in Your Backyard

Part of an outdoor sound system.

Imagine yourself on a beautiful Texas day. Friends and family are over as you all relax outside. A cool breeze drifts through the warm Texas air. There’s a cool glass of lemonade in your hand. What could make this any better? Some nice music? Here at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, we are proud to […]

An Inside Look at Kichler Light Fixtures

A gorgeous outdoor lighting set up around a pool.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are a lot of options available. Not only are there many ways to light up the outside of your home, but there are also countless brands that make outdoor lighting fixtures.  When selecting outdoor lights, you want them to be high quality. Lights should be safe and reliable. […]

Low-Voltage Vs. Line Voltage Landscape Lighting

If you are thinking about landscaping for your property, you might have some questions about the kind of lighting you want to use. Most people choose either low-voltage lighting or line voltage lighting. Understanding the difference can help you make the right choice for your home or business. Here’s what you need to know about […]