Techniques to Light an Outdoor Water Feature

A gorgeous fountain with the words, lighting an outdoor water feature.

Water pieces can be a stunning addition to any yard or garden. The sound of running water from a fountain can soothe the soul, a pond can create the perfect outdoor picnic area, and a pool can complete your favorite hangout spot. However, no matter what kind of water features you have in your backyard, […]

Neat Ideas for Christmas Lighting

A patio with a grill and lighting for the path and to highlight hanging plants and brick of house

The holiday season is a prime time to get creative with your outdoor lighting decorations. Go all out for the holidays — sparkly reindeer with dazzling lights, a giant blow-up character, a huge green wreath on your front door, or dreidels and menorahs. No matter which holiday you are celebrating this season, there are decoration […]

Do Motion Detectors Catch Ghosts?

Cute ghosts surrounding a motion detector with the words, can motion detectors catch ghosts?

As you are snuggling under the covers for a good night’s sleep, you notice that your motion sensor lights suddenly came on. You sit up for a moment, contemplating whether your neighbor’s dog got out of the yard again or if there might be a stranger stalking around your home. You wait a few moments, […]

How to Protect Outdoor Lighting From the Elements

Patio LED lighting lights up the patio in a Boerne backyard

Severe weather can strike at any moment without any warning. Harsh winds, pouring rain, lightning strikes, and hail can all damage your home and yard. However, not many people think about how this weather can affect your outdoor lighting. Repairing and replacing dented fixtures and broken light bulbs can take a bite out of a […]

Best Small Trees For North Texas

A patio with a grill and lighting for the path and to highlight hanging plants and brick of house

Texas is known for its ideal environment for many beautiful small trees and shrubs. These hardy little plants create a vibrant splash of color that can be a great addition to any garden or home landscape. If you are thinking about adding a small tree for your home, consider these best small trees for North […]

Why Does My Motion Detector Stay on all the Time?

A porch with a soffit security light and a wrought iron fence in front of it

Installing a motion detector on your property is a great way to keep your home safe. Approximately 60 percent of convicted burglars say they would steer clear of a well-lit home with a security system. But what if your motion detector malfunctions? If your motion light stays on all the time, you can call a professional […]

How to Start a Flower Garden

Well-lit flower bed and palm trees in front of a beautiful Spanish style home

If living your best life involves lounging in a relaxing, fragrant backyard, you may want to consider creating a flower garden this year. In addition to being beautiful, flower gardens help relieve anxiety, positively influence your emotions, and increase your productivity. By making a plan, choosing the right plants, following the proper steps, and adding […]

How to Light Your Garden

A swimming pool is professionally lit up at night

If you are looking for a way to revitalize the look of your garden, it may be time to consider adding outdoor lighting. Of course, trying to figure out the best way to light your garden can be a bit tricky since there are tons of options and styles you can choose from. If you’re having […]

Where should I Place Outdoor Security Lights?

A security light over the front porch of a house

According to a major study conducted in New York’s public housing areas, outdoor security lighting cuts nighttime crime by 39 percent. The study of 80 high-crime housing developments found that security lighting dramatically decreased the instance of both misdemeanor and felony crimes. In general, all security lighting deters crime; criminals are less likely to strike if they think […]