Outdoor Gas Lights Vs. Electric Lights

Gorgeous outdoor lighting highlighting a garden.

Once you make the decision to install outdoor lighting, you’ll still have a ton of choices to make. You’ll need to think about where you want to place your lights, how many lights you want to install, and who will be installing them, for instance. One of the biggest choices you’ll make, though, is whether […]

Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Image of a metal sculpture being lit with outdoor led lighting

The Importance of the Perfect Escape Your backyard can be the perfect place to create a quiet area to come home to. Between the sunshine, a gentle breeze, and the easy companionship of nature, the outdoors are a great place to unwind. In fact, spending just 20 minutes outside has been shown to lower stress, […]

Lighting Techniques for Your Patio

A modern home

There’s nothing quite like being able to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors. There’s also nothing quite like the comfort of your own home. The perfect patio allows you the experience both at the same time; it also provides a magical setting for spending time with loved ones in your backyard, creating […]

Lighting your Pool for Safety and Beauty

Lighting around a pool at night beautifies the scene

For many families, the pool is the heart of the home. It’s the place where memories are made, smiles grace faces, and the laughter is endless. To get the most out of your pool, it is important to ensure that your family can enjoy it equally in the daytime and the night-time. Having gorgeous lighting […]

COVID-19 Statement

Closeup of the COVID-19 Coronavirus

As we are continuing to monitor the changing conditions surrounding the virus outbreak, our team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design want to reassure our clients that we are open for business. As to our commitment to the well-being of our clients and staff, we are strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines as set forth by the […]

Solutions to Top Outdoor Lighting Problems

A beautifully lit pool with bubblers inside and plants all around

There are some amazing things you can do with today’s outdoor lights. You can use them to illuminate your walkways, accent plants or special yard features, and highlight your gorgeous landscaping. Outdoor lighting gives you the freedom to use your patio, pool, and deck after the sun sets, allowing you to maximize the time spent […]

The Leading Causes of LED Failure

A patio with a grill and lighting for the path and to highlight hanging plants and brick of house

LED lights are known for their ability to highlight the most beautiful and interesting features of your home. They are energy-efficient, durable, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly. However, while LED lights are the preferred choice when it comes to landscape lighting, certain circumstances can lead to their failure. Reasons an LED Light Can Fail […]

Types of Fruit Trees that Grow in Texas

Apple trees growing in a garden with the words, Types of Fruit Trees in Texas.

There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. With gardening, that saying can be taken quite literally. Most people have tried out tending a vegetable garden in a patch of their yard, but tending fruit trees takes that experience a step further. Here’s some information on the best fruit […]

Techniques to Light an Outdoor Water Feature

A gorgeous fountain with the words, lighting an outdoor water feature.

Water pieces can be a stunning addition to any yard or garden. The sound of running water from a fountain can soothe the soul, a pond can create the perfect outdoor picnic area, and a pool can complete your favorite hangout spot. However, no matter what kind of water features you have in your backyard, […]

Neat Ideas for Christmas Lighting

A patio with a grill and lighting for the path and to highlight hanging plants and brick of house

The holiday season is a prime time to get creative with your outdoor lighting decorations. Go all out for the holidays — sparkly reindeer with dazzling lights, a giant blow-up character, a huge green wreath on your front door, or dreidels and menorahs. No matter which holiday you are celebrating this season, there are decoration […]