Infinity Lights installed on a gorgeous house.

When you come across gorgeous outdoor lighting, whether it’s illuminating a landscape, architectural features, or something else, it can be easy to overlook how much work went into it. For landscape lighting to work at its fullest potential, many elements have to come together. By working with a reputable outdoor lighting company, you can get the most out of your outdoor lighting. In this blog post, the team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design discusses some landscape lighting benefits of professional outdoor lighting design in Austin/San Antonio.

There are many reasons to call upon the skills of a professional lighting designer, the least of which is safety, given the inherent dangers of working with electricity.

Enhancing Curb Appeal and Aesthetics in Austin and San Antonio, Texas

beautiful front yard lit up with lights

You could have the most beautiful house on the block, but no one will see it at night if it isn’t illuminated. The right outdoor lighting doesn’t only allow your home to be seen at night, it also showcases its beauty in new ways.

Aesthetic Ambiance After Dark

Great outdoor landscape lighting isn’t just about illumination, it’s about setting the mood. A skilled professional landscape lighting designer can create an ambiance that gives your landscape an entirely different feel.

With the right illumination, your architecture can take on a whole new look. An outdoor lighting design professional can use architectural lighting to highlight interesting features, such as the texture of a wall or a pillar. 

Curb Appeal and Property Value

Even the most beautiful home can look downright foreboding in the dark. A landscape lighting professional can add a welcoming and eye-catching glow to your home and landscape.

While there is no guarantee, professional outdoor lighting may increase your property value by enhancing its aesthetics. 

Safety and Security Illumination

Outdoor lighting is more than just about good looks. A reputable professional can use security lighting in conjunction with other security systems to enhance your home’s security.

Enhanced Security

When used correctly, outdoor lighting can make your home more secure. Security lighting can increase visibility and reduce potential hiding spots in your yard. Please be advised that outdoor security lighting works best alongside other security systems. Lights alone may not be enough to stop criminals. Ideally, a burglar should think someone is home even if no one is. Security professionals can help you create a comprehensive plan to protect your home.

Security lighting professionals have many tools at their disposal. Timed lights and motion sensors are just a few ways they can help protect your property.

It is important to work alongside security system and security lighting experts to best protect your property.  

Safe Pathways and Navigation

Path lighting isn’t just about making your landscape more welcoming and enhancing its beauty; it also makes nighttime navigation safer. Whether it’s family or guests, getting around a landscape in the dark can be hazardous. Tripping hazards such as toys or tools can go unseen. Properly illuminated pathways can help residents and visitors be more aware of their surroundings.

Pathway lighting can illuminate not only paths but also steps and entrances. Below are a few of the ways outdoor lighting professionals can do this. 

Pathways – Lights can be positioned alongside pathways to guide residents and guests alike while also drawing attention to the boundaries of the walkway. Lights can also be flush in the pathway, allowing for a discrete look during the daytime.

  • Garden lights – Generally between 18 and 24 inches tall, garden lights have a canopy that directs light downwards. 
  • Downlights – Downlights can be mounted on a wall, pole, or tree. They project a downward beam of light.
  • Bollard lights – Since most bollard lights have a 360-degree projection of light, bollard lights are traditionally used for lighting pathways and garden beds at the same time.
  • Flush lights – Flush flights can be integrated into the surface of a pathway. This gives them a discrete look during the daytime.

Stairs – Stairs present an increased tripping hazard at night, especially for those unfamiliar with your property. Whether it’s the stairs leading up to your front door or steps in your yard, navigating them without light can be treacherous. There are several types of light fixtures that can be used to illuminate stairs. It is important to remember that however you choose to illuminate the stairs, the visibility of the steps is crucial to make navigating them safer at night. 

Please remember that the lights used outside need to be able to handle the elements. 

  • LED strip lights – LED strip lights consist of a flexible strip embedded with LED lights. They are a versatile way to apply lighting to your stairs. 
  • Wall lights – If there is a suitable surface next to your outdoor stairs, you may be able to mount wall lights on them. They work great when you want a more prominent light fixture.
  • Post rail lighting – Post rail lights are light fixtures that are mounted on the posts of stair railings.
  • Under tread lights – Under tread lights are mounted under the overhang of stairs. They are an excellent option if you are looking for a more subtle fixture.
  • Riser lights – Flush-mounted riser lights blend neatly into stairs for a more subdued appearance.

Entryways – By utilizing outdoor lighting to illuminate your entryways, you can make it easier to determine who is at your door and for residents and guests to find their way.

  • Wall lights – Wall lights are commonly used to flank doors. They are available in many styles, from a lantern light that conjures up images of the Victorian era, to a leading-edge contemporary design. 
  • Hanging lights – Please be advised: an outdoor hanging light needs to be out of the wind to prevent damage. Assuming the ceiling is high enough, hanging lights can add an elegant and charming touch to your entryway. 
  • Outdoor ceiling lights – Outdoor ceiling lights are typically positioned above an entryway’s door. Outdoor ceiling lights are available in a variety of designs, so there is a good chance you’ll be able to find one that complements the look of your home.

Creating Enchanting Outdoor Ambiance With LED Illumination

backyard patio lit up with outdoor lighting

The correct outdoor lighting can set the tone for a cozy place to relax with a good book or host a fun get-together for you and your friends. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

A talented outdoor lighting designer can turn a dark corner of your yard into your favorite outdoor retreat. Outdoor lighting can transform the way you experience patios, decks, and more. The right outdoor lighting is able to convey a relaxing feeling for your outdoor living spaces.


Keep the conversation going long after the sun has gone down with an illuminated entertainment area, whether it’s a place around a firepit or a light over an outdoor dining table. Well-designed outdoor lighting can give a space a welcoming feel.

Expertise in Professional Outdoor Lighting Design in San Antonio and Austin

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting and Design proudly offers custom outdoor lighting design in Austin/San Antonio. Drawing on our experience, we’ll create memorable outdoor lighting designs that bring out the best in your landscape.

Customized Design Solutions

Great custom outdoor lighting is one thing, but having it tailored to your needs is another. Our design process involves one of our talented designers visiting your home and getting to know your ideas for what you need in outdoor lighting. This collaboration enables us to create outdoor lighting that fits your vision and needs.

Consult our custom outdoor lighting experts to find the right outdoor lighting for your unique home and landscape.

Quality and Energy Efficiency

white wooden home lit up with landscape lighting

While having a great lighting arrangement is important, it is just one part of custom outdoor lighting. At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, we utilize high-quality LED lighting. These lights are durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. Save some money on your electric bill while protecting the natural beauty of Texas’s environment. Reduce waste by having lights that are built to last, significantly decreasing the need for constant replacements. On top of all this, LED lights do not get hot as traditional landscape lighting does, making them safer around children, plants, and pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are several common questions property owners may have when looking into professional outdoor lighting design in Austin/San Antonio. Please note that there is a lot to outdoor lighting, so it is best to consult with an outdoor lighting professional on any questions you might have.

Is Professional Lighting Expensive?

Many variables can impact the cost of professional lighting. Speak with a professional lighting designer to better understand different price points.

Some of these variables include:
1. Size of the property
2. Quality of fixtures 
3. Types of lighting
4. Lighting features such as statues or patios

You can save money in the long term by selecting lights that are energy efficient. We utilize high-quality LED lights that are energy efficient, so you’ll save money on energy bills over conventional lighting. 

Can I Modify my Lighting Designs Later?

Depending on how your lighting system is designed, it may be possible to modify it in the future without completely changing it out. When working with a professional landscape lighting designer during the design phase, be sure to convey your desire for flexibility. An outdoor lighting designer may be able to make certain adjustments so that adding to or changing your outdoor lighting is easier. Please note: any modifications should be done by a qualified outdoor lighting professional.

The following are some topics you can discuss with your outdoor lighting professional to allow for greater outdoor lighting design flexibility.

Transformer positioning – If you want to have your lighting expanded in the future, your professional lighting designer may be able to position the transformer in a way that can accommodate it.
Dimmer switches – Your outdoor lighting designer may be able to install lights with dimmer switches so you can make adjustments.
Retrofitting – It may be possible to retrofit lighting fixtures with different lights. For example, you might want to upgrade to a more efficient light.