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In the realm of concealed security, theft is a problem many individuals face in Austin, Texas. Criminals will often target outdoor security lighting fixtures to get their hands on valuables left within easy reach but out of sight.

You can prevent theft by ensuring that your outdoor lights are correctly wired and functional. Security illumination is one of the first defensive measures in the fight against crime, but it can be costly. While residential and commercial security patrols have made neighborhoods safer, there are ways to enhance your home or office security even more. 

Burglary Statistics

According to research, property crime rates in Austin were higher than the national average in 2020. Criminals know the best time to strike is when most people are not at home. Do everything you can to protect your home, such as installing door locks and keeping an eye on your outdoor security lighting at night to minimize the occurrence of theft.

Often, burglars return to properties they have already broken into because homeowners neglected to improve security equipment after the first burglary. Before doing the actual robbery, the thieves thoroughly research the house’s weak points, to make the process easy.

Due to the high unemployment rate, most burglars are, on average, 25 years old or younger. 

Does Outdoor Security Light Prevent Burglaries?

From motion-activated or sound-activated lights to an exterior floodlight with a lampshade that moves as needed, outdoor security lighting can deter burglars because it will light up the area. If there is no specific reason for your exterior lighting to be on 24/7 (such as keeping outdoor lighting on for a detached in-law suite), then it is best to keep your outdoor lighting on a timer to ensure that it comes on only when you need it and not all hours of the night.

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While having outdoor lights can deter a burglar from targeting your specific home, this is only effective if you can make it look like someone is home and present in the household. Having your outdoor lights on 24/7 breaks this illusion and can lead to a burglar figuring out the safest and best way to approach your house. Having lights on timers or motion sensors can catch burglars off-guard and make it more unpredictable whether or not there is someone still present in the home. Burglars will often skip over homes that have the appearance of a security system installed or that someone is home, due to the higher risk of them getting caught. 

Use Outdoor Security Lighting to Prevent Crime

Outdoor security lighting is the most effective way to deter crime. Smart lighting can be controlled by a smartphone and respond to your personal needs. For example, turning lights on when you get home from work and turning them off when you leave for the evening.

Additionally, set lights to turn on randomly while you’re away to deter intruders and ensure you always come home to a lit home. 

Use a Motion Sensor for Outdoor Spotlights and Floodlights

A motion-activated light adjusts with the sensitivity of motion or heat sensor. It provides you with ways to configure your outdoor security lighting properly. It also increases the likelihood that your light fixture will only turn on when it detects a heat source, such as an animal, a person, or a car. A motion-activated light’s stunning impact and momentary blinding illumination may dissuade a burglar.

The operation of motion-sensor lights is known to criminals. Unexpected outdoor light activation has a startling impact that increases fear and anxiety. A criminal, therefore, considers whether anyone is watching them and whether continuing is worth the risk of being apprehended or even shot by a resident. This increased fear is sometimes enough to deter an intruder.

Identify and Illuminate the Dark Places in Your Home

outdoor lighting light up a home

Burglars like dark, quiet places, but when they can’t see the target, they must rely on other senses. By using low voltage lights that are bright enough but not bright enough to distract from their activity, burglars won’t know you’re watching them until it’s too late! Several studies have found that bright lighting can efficiently prevent criminals from gaining entry to a residence or business.

Some burglars bypass houses with outdoor security lighting, as targeting a home with lighting would take more effort and risk. Outdoor lighting by your front door will deter criminals who may be looking for a way to sneak inside. Pathways should also be well-lit to help guests safely navigate from one outdoor living space to another. You can use bollard lights at the beginning and end of your pathways with flush lights installed on the ground. Deck lights can safely guide you around your outdoor living areas well after dark.

Overhead lamps are an excellent way to brighten your patio and make it appear safer. There are a wide variety of security lights that you can choose from for your home. You’ll be able to see suspicious activity in your residence. 

Burglars often pry into compounds where they spot a car, expensive items, or carelessly kept items. Burglaries in Austin communities cost people about 1.3 million dollars in yearly property losses. Individuals who take advantage of easy prey conduct burglaries frequently. Make things difficult for them by ensuring that you do the following:

Keep everything visible

outdoor lighting on a pathway leading to a front door

Many people put items in places that are less visible from the streets and prying eyes. However, this makes it easier for a burglar to steal the object without being noticed. Store your valuable goods in well-lit areas for security.

Set up security systems 

Whether you choose a basic do-it-yourself system or one with professional monitoring and home automation features, numerous home security options are available today for every budget and level of protection.

You’ve probably seen people become frightened by surveillance cameras. Current security trends allow you to have a lamp fitted with a camera for discreet observation of your compound.Is your house well-lit? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what works and what doesn’t. Is there anything we missed? Are there any safety measures you’d like to see included? Contact Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design or go online today and prevent crime with our state-of-the-art outdoor security lighting solutions.

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