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Outdoor Fence and Post Lighting in Austin and San Antonio, Texas

Fences serve an extremely important purpose for your property. They help define property lines, give parents and pet owners a piece of mind by creating a physical boundary between them and something dangerous, and provide privacy. Fences can have a strong impact on a home’s aesthetics and also provide a sense of safety and security that can not be expressed enough. 

Many homeowners across the Austin and San Antonio areas understand the value their home’s fencing brings. While many homeowners strictly think about the style and type of material used for their fencing, there is also another important aspect that should be considered but is often overlooked: lighting

The team of professional outdoor lighting technicians and designers at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design understands the importance of helping to incorporate your fence lighting with your home’s overall outdoor lighting design. We work closely with homeowners to create a gorgeous outdoor lighting display that helps show off the beauty of your home’s architecture while giving your family peace of mind. Here is more information on our fence and post-lighting services.

Why Would I Want to Invest in Fence and Post Lighting?

Your fencing isn’t only a means of protecting your home, it is also another important character of your home’s overall landscaping design. When it comes to outdoor lighting design, your home’s fencing should be considered in the overall design. Not only does it help shine a light on this gorgeous part of your home’s landscaping but it also serves several practical purposes. Here are some reasons to consider your fencing in your overall outdoor lighting design:

Fence and Post Lighting Break Up the Overwhelming Darkness

Outdoor patio lighting will light up the area around your patio for at least 20-30 feet. Beyond that, you may have a few outdoor lights that help highlight important features on your property, such as a pool or outdoor garden. 

If you don’t have an outdoor fence or post-lighting, the darkness pooling beyond your property can seem overwhelming and massive. This can be unsettling, especially if you need to go lock a gate or check the back fence for your child’s toy. Outdoor fence lighting can ensure that this darkness is broken up, by highlighting the gorgeous material of your fence, allowing you to see your gate, and providing a sense of security by showing you all areas of your property. 

Never again will you have to approach that wall of darkness, searching for your child’s toy or trying to ensure that your gate is locked. Instead, your entire perimeter will be a welcoming sight, allowing you to stroll across your property with confidence. 

Fence and Post Lighting Increases the Overall Aesthetic Appeal of Your Property

As mentioned earlier, your fencing is another important architectural feature of your home’s landscaping. Like hardscapes, it should be shown off. The natural beauty of the wood or the intricacy of the metal posts’ craftsmanship shouldn’t be hidden when the sun goes down. 

Outdoor fence lighting can elevate the appearance of these features during the night, allowing your fencing to be another gorgeous addition to your property. The earthy tones of the wood will complement the vibrant colors of your grass or nearby plants. For metal fences, outdoor lighting can highlight darker tones and show off the gorgeous straight lines, giving your property a more modern and streamlined appearance.

Outdoor LED fences and post lighting can add depth to your home’s feel. If your fencing is near a trellis or outdoor gazebo, the fence post lighting can create a welcoming ambiance or a halo of light that draws your guests in.

Where Should Fence and Post-Lighting Be Installed?

Whether it is a large fence that covers the perimeter of your property or a shorter fence that keeps guests from accidentally falling into a pool or small pond on your property, outdoor fence lighting is a must. Here are the areas where your fence and post lighting should be installed:

Fence and Post Lighting Perimeters:

If your fencing is serving as a perimeter marker, then you will want to have a sconce or fence lighting installed on every other post/pillar of your fence. This will allow your fencing to serve as a frame for the perimeter, breaking up the darkness and giving your home a safer and more welcoming feel.

Installing lighting this way also helps deter trespassers, as there will be little room for them to try and climb over your fence in the dark. The overlapping light will allow you to see potential intruders, so you to act more quickly to keep yourself and your family safe. 

Pool Fence and Post Lighting

Many homeowners wisely choose to install a small fence around their pools to ensure that children, pets, and even adults don’t accidentally fall in. Pool fencing will be highly improved with outdoor fence and post lighting, as it not only helps show off the majesty of your outdoor oasis but it also allows individuals to see the fence. This will protect them from accidentally running into it while also nicely defining the space.

Deck Fence and Post Lighting

Some decks have a small fence or barrier to prevent individuals from accidentally walking off and harming themselves. Adding deck fences and post lighting to these areas not only helps make the fence more prominent but also creates a welcoming environment for guests to gather together. As guests gather, they will be blown away by the delicate beauty of your deck’s material and how it blends seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor landscaping.

Transform Your Outdoor Lighting By Adding in Fence and Post Lighting

Regardless of what style you are going for with your landscape lighting, rustic, modern, a farmhouse feel, the team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design can make your dreams a reality. Our team has years of experience, elevating the look and feel of one’s landscape at night by adding gorgeous lighting that complements their home’s unique character. 

When it comes to fence lighting, we aim to get the most benefits out of the design, ensuring that your fence continues to serve its purpose as the shield of your property while bringing it into the overall design. Contact our team today for more information on our fence lighting services or to schedule an appointment with our design team.