Benefits of LED Lighting over Other Lights

A beautiful back yard with a gazebo seen at night by outdoor lighting

Recently, the light bulb aisle has changed from 90% incandescents and 10% LEDs and fluorescents to 90% LEDs and 10% fluorescents. People who look for their old familiar incandescents soon realize that they’re almost impossible to find. This is because of a law made effective in 2014 that dictates that incandescents can only be produced if […]

Lighting It Up Green

Exterior of home at night with led landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting has so many appeals. With it, you can extend your living space to the great outdoors. It’s also good for security. Use it for patio lights, pool lighting, path lighting, al fresco kitchens, hot tubs, gazebos, and more. And the best way to go green with your outdoor lighting is with LED lighting technology. […]