A patio with a grill and lighting for the path and to highlight hanging plants and brick of house

LED lights are known for their ability to highlight the most beautiful and interesting features of your home. They are energy-efficient, durable, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly. However, while LED lights are the preferred choice when it comes to landscape lighting, certain circumstances can lead to their failure.

Reasons an LED Light Can Fail Prematurely

The addition of landscape lighting is an exciting upgrade to any home. Choosing LED lights for your landscape lighting is a great choice because they are long-lasting and radically improve the use of energy. However, there are a few reasons why LED lights could fail well before reaching their rated lifespan.

Temperature Fluctuation

Low quality LED lights that might seem like a more affordable option aren’t made to endure the extreme temperature changes of an outdoor environment. Exposure to intense heat over a long period can cause the LED to overheat. Ability to continue working properly during hot summer days and nights depends on how the light was built and the overall quality. For example, if the light was installed without a proper heat sink, the heat has no way to disperse appropriately, and the light will eventually fail. The opposite can also be a threat to the longevity of an LED; freezing temperatures can cause the housing of the LED light to crack as it tries to endure any freeze-thaw cycles that occur during the winter months.

Structural Problems

LED lights are known for their quality, but sometimes design defects or incorrect manufacturing happens. Structure issues with the lamp, connection, or the actual LEDs can cause the LED to fail. For example, if the LED is improperly designed, the electrical flow could be cut off, preventing the bulb from getting the power it needs to light.

Additionally, not all LED lights are made with high-quality materials. Choosing a cheaper light because of the immediate cost benefit could actually cost you more in the end because they are made with low-quality materials. LED performance heavily relies on the ability of each component to work together and high-quality materials are needed for the light to function for a long time. The better the materials, the more peace of mind you will have that your outdoor lights will operate correctly, without hassle, and with a long shelf life.

LED Driver Failure

A gorgeous outdoor lighting set up around a pool. An integral component of LED lighting is the LED driver. The LED driver is an electronic device that controls the amount of power allowed into the LED lamp or system. One of its primary functions is to convert AC power to DC, which is what LEDs run on. Additionally, it helps prevent power surges from burning through the bulb. A driver that is failing will let too much power through, resulting in an overheated light. The cause of a bad driver could be any of the following:

Overheating – An essential function of a driver is to regulate the amount of power that is let through to the lighting system. If low-quality materials were used during the manufacturing of the driver, heat could build-up and eventually cause the driver to overheat.

Environmental Factors – Temperature fluctuation can also affect the operation of an LED driver. It is important to note what the operating temperatures of the driver are when deciding which one to use. If the temperatures where you live don’t align with this range, you are much more likely to end up with a driver that fails at some point.

Improper Installation – Faulty or incorrect installation can cause the driver to fail prematurely. It is important to choose a trusted and experienced outdoor lighting company to install your lighting system to avoid this costly mistake.

Creating Gorgeous Outdoor Environments With Reliable LED Lights

When it comes to the right outdoor lighting for your home, LED lights are the obvious choice because of their beauty, longevity, and efficiency. Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design can assist in the creation of the perfect plan to brighten your home. With Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, you don’t have to worry about the quality or durability of our products. We offer a 40,000-hour lamp life or 15-year warranty on our LED fixtures and have experienced technicians that will expertly install your lighting system. Give us a call today for a free consultation!