Patio LED lighting lights up the patio in a Boerne backyard

Severe weather can strike at any moment without any warning. Harsh winds, pouring rain, lightning strikes, and hail can all damage your home and yard. However, not many people think about how this weather can affect your outdoor lighting. Repairing and replacing dented fixtures and broken light bulbs can take a bite out of a family’s budget. This article focuses on how you can protect your outdoor lighting from severe weather damages, both physical and financial. 


The placement of your lights can make a huge difference as to how they fare against these storms. For your porch lights, door lights, or exterior garage lighting, you can place them under eaves or overhangs from a porch. This will help shield them from rain, sun damage, and hail. 

Weather Shields

Weather shields for pathway lights and spotlights can be purchased from any home goods store. These weather shields are perfect for protecting your lights from hail and rain, from being buffeted by the wind, and from the harsh Texas sun. Without these weather shields, your lights run the risk of early retirement due to cracked bulbs, dented fixtures, or split wiring. 

Put Casing Around Your Wiring

It is always a good idea to keep your wiring in some kind of protective casing. This casing can be protection by flower beds, running it through the light fixture itself, or by burying your wiring underground. Protective casing will help defend your wiring against rain and hail which can weather down rubber casing and cause the wiring to begin to split. These measures can also protect your wiring against animals scratching or biting at it. And, not only is protecting your wiring helpful in avoiding a replacement, but it also helps reduce the risk of a shock should someone come into contact with an exposed wire. 

LED Lights

LED lighting has been proven to stand the best against mother nature. LED lights have their bulbs seals, allowing them to withstand greater pressure and danger from wind and rain, and they don’t get damaged as easily from the sun. Also, most LED lighting fixtures come with built-in wiring, avoiding having anything exposed and damaged. If you are looking for gorgeous LED lights for your home and are wondering who you can turn to for masterful designs and installation, contact Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design. Our specialists have been working with outdoor lighting for years and know the best techniques to protect them from the weather while maintaining a beautiful and unified look for your home. Call Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design today for more information.