Benefits of Having a Sound System in Your Backyard

Part of an outdoor sound system.

Imagine yourself on a beautiful Texas day. Friends and family are over as you all relax outside. A cool breeze drifts through the warm Texas air. There’s a cool glass of lemonade in your hand. What could make this any better? Some nice music? Here at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, we are proud to […]

An Inside Look at Kichler Light Fixtures

A gorgeous outdoor lighting set up around a pool.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are a lot of options available. Not only are there many ways to light up the outside of your home, but there are also countless brands that make outdoor lighting fixtures.  When selecting outdoor lights, you want them to be high quality. Lights should be safe and reliable. […]

Low-Voltage Vs. Line Voltage Landscape Lighting

If you are thinking about landscaping for your property, you might have some questions about the kind of lighting you want to use. Most people choose either low-voltage lighting or line voltage lighting. Understanding the difference can help you make the right choice for your home or business. Here’s what you need to know about […]

How to Light Your Garden in Austin, Texas

tanning beds next to lit up trees

Outdoor lighting is not just for parks or public buildings, but also a great choice for highlighting the beauty of a home landscape. There are a few key principles to use when designing any kind of outdoor lighting solution so that it blends in with your landscaping efforts. Show off your mature trees, flowering shrubs, […]

Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

A gorgeous outdoor lighting set up around a pool.

One of the biggest advancements in the outdoor lighting industry is low voltage lighting. With several benefits, including a longer lifespan and reduced energy costs, more and more individuals are looking into whether or not this option is right for their outdoor lighting needs.  At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting and Design, we use only the highest quality […]

Does Security Lighting Prevent Crime in Austin, Texas?

led lights on a pathway to a front door

In the realm of concealed security, theft is a problem many individuals face in Austin, Texas. Criminals will often target outdoor security lighting fixtures to get their hands on valuables left within easy reach but out of sight. You can prevent theft by ensuring that your outdoor lights are correctly wired and functional. Security illumination […]

Extend Your Summer Nights With Outdoor Lighting in Austin and San Antonio

white wooden home lit up with landscape lighting

It’s hard to beat the feeling of being outside in the evening in the summer months, especially when summer nights in Austin, Texas, are filled with incredible outdoor activities. You can take advantage of those evenings by extending your outdoor fun without worrying about your safety or security. With outdoor lighting for your home, you can […]

How to Enhance Your Pool Area With Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting around a pool

Most people find pools to be the best places to spend hot summer days. Pools can also be a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors at night. In addition, you can use the pool area to entertain your guests. If you have a pool, you may want to consider enhancing it with outdoor lighting. […]

Best Color Temperature for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting lights up the face of a South Texas home

Austin and San Antonio, Texas, are renowned for their beautiful sunsets and gorgeous nights. With the weather starting to warm up, you and your family may be looking to spend less time indoors and more time enjoying a relaxing evening under the stars. Without proper outdoor lighting, however, your time outside may be too dark […]

Benefits of LED Lighting over Other Landscaping Lights

A beautiful back yard with a gazebo seen at night by outdoor lighting

Warm weather will soon be upon us, which is why it is an important time to think about your landscape lighting needs. LED lighting is a great choice for your garden, walkway, or any landscape lighting project because it outperforms traditional landscape lights in six key ways, including lifespan and energy efficiency. Here’s how an […]