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Most people find pools to be the best places to spend hot summer days. Pools can also be a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors at night. In addition, you can use the pool area to entertain your guests. If you have a pool, you may want to consider enhancing it with outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is not just about aesthetics; it improves safety, comfort, and efficiency by accentuating the surrounding landscape.

It can also create a beautiful ambiance and make your pool area feel more inviting. This blog post will give tips on choosing and installing outdoor lighting for your pool.

Landscape Lighting Placement to Enhance Beauty and Safety

Lighting placement is a crucial aspect of pool lighting. The placement should enhance the beauty of your pool by highlighting the architectural features and the beauty of the water at night rather than overshadowing the features your already landscape has. 

Proper light placement should improve the safety around the pool to keep your family and guests safe and comfortable. Here are some ways to enhance your pool’s appearance while maintaining your loved ones’ safety.

Pool Area Pathway Lighting

Lighting the pool area pathway helps people see while walking around your pool or through your backyard at night. When installing the pool area pathway lighting, ensure that it highlights any trip and fall hazards to prevent the risk of accidents.

Proper lighting of the pool area pathway helps keep your plants safe. This is because swimmers can see where they are going, so they’ll avoid stepping on your flowerbeds.

Tip: When lighting the pool area pathway, ensure that the lights illuminate the path from your home to the pool. You can also use other outdoor or hardscape lighting options to ensure the walkway is lit up clearly.

Stair Tread Lighting

concrete steps with path lighting

According to statistics, over one million Americans get injured from stairway falls each year. The patio and deck stairs leading to your pool are considered the most dangerous areas in an outdoor space.

Lighting the stairways in these areas can help prevent falls that can lead to severe injuries or even death. However, it is important to install the lights properly, as distractions can also lead to falls. For maximum safety, you can install tread lights on the stairs and ensure that the light focuses downwards on the step below.

This way, there will be enough light to help you see the stairs but not enough to create distractions. Furthermore, the light should not be so extreme that it takes away the beauty of your deck or patio; instead, it should complement it.

Lighting Water Features

Water features are a beautiful addition to any pool. They add a splash of color and life and can also serve as a focal point in your backyard. Lighting water features in your pool draws attention and creates a magnificent view for your swimmers. It also creates a majestic feeling that can boost your mood and increase positivity by just looking at the pool.

Here are ways to illuminate water features in your pool, add a magical layer, and enhance safety for your family.

  • When lighting waterfalls, underwater lights can capture the water’s movement and allow the light to dance off the water.
  • You can also install wash lights at the pool’s edge or surrounding trees to illuminate your pool from above. Doing so reduces too much light from glaring into the swimmer’s eyes, which can be annoying. Also, strategically placing wash lights helps highlight your pool’s architecture, creating a soft and relaxed ambiance.
  • Proper lighting on your pool’s water features can also catch air bubbles and highlight their spectacular movements.

Lighting Architectural Structures

Lighting up the architectural structures around the pool area is a great way to add a touch of class and elegance. You can also use it to create a focal point or to accentuate certain features. For example, you can illuminate statues, firepits, or other architecture surrounding your pool.

Perfect illumination of your pool’s architecture creates a dramatic transformation that can emanate a welcoming gesture to your guests.

Besides aesthetics, illuminating the architectural structures surrounding your pool can help keep outdoor sitting space safer. This is because your guest will be comfortable and have peace of mind when they know the places they are stepping on or sitting on are safe.

Architectural Lighting Ideas

These ideas can be helpful when lighting the architectural structures surrounding your swimming pool.

Recessed Lighting

You can consider using recessed lighting to illuminate the sitting areas and tables for drinks in your pergolas or covered patios. Also, you can light up your dining room or outdoor kitchen using these lights. Recessed lights help spruce up the space in your pergolas and create a soft light that’s easy on the eyes. It also provides a soft mood, especially during those romantic moments.


poolside lighting and landscape lighting up little palm trees

You can use uplights on the pergola’s walls to highlight the features of your home’s architecture. Uplights are also excellent for illuminating and showing off the retaining stone walls near the pool.

Undercap Lighting

Undercaps are perfect for subtlety so that it doesn’t take away the beauty of the place you’re lighting up. You can use undercap lights on fire pits near the pool area to provide safety when people are walking. However, the lighting should not be so much that it reduces its fascinating view.

You can also use undercap lights on the sitting walls for pools to highlight a gorgeous appearance. When installing these lights, ensure they do not glare at the swimmer’s eyes while swimming or sitting near them. This will help them enjoy a more relaxing and calm ambiance.

Make the Most Out Of Your Pool This Summer With Poolside Lighting

Summer is here, meaning it’s time to splash in your pool. But before you get started, ensure the lighting in your backyard is up to par. Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is here to ensure that your poolside lighting creates an aesthetic appeal and an ambiance your family and guests will enjoy. Our mission is to keep our customers happy with our excellent service.

If you’re looking forward to brightening your pool and enhancing your safety and security, contact our team for a free quote today . You can also message us online and our experts will provide you with estimates.

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