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  • Outdoor Lighting in Georgetown, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in Georgetown, Texas

Outdoor lighting for your Georgetown home doesn’t have to be plain and practical. At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, we specialize in providing the best outdoor lighting in Georgetown, Texas for those who want to improve the appearance of their property. Our lighting solutions go beyond delivering security and functionality. Our lighting experts create decorative lighting solutions that can enhance your landscaping, garden, poolside area, home exterior, or patio. We also offer security lighting solutions that make your property safer at night while also boosting your home’s curb appeal.

At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting, the professionals at our family-owned business bring their expertise and experience to the table when helping you choose the right lighting for your property. Our LED lighting options also make outdoor lighting as efficient and affordable as possible. With outdoor lighting solutions from our experts, you and your family can spend more time outdoors at night, which is ideal if you have an outdoor living space or patio. Our outdoor lighting also makes it safer for you, your family and guests to walk through your yard or landscaping when it’s dark out. We look forward to working with you on creating the perfect outdoor lighting solution for your Georgetown home.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Georgetown, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is committed to transforming the nightscape of your Georgetown property to bring out its natural beauty.

Regardless of whether you enjoy a more rustic look for your Georgetown property or you prefer a more modern style, the design team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design has something for everyone. You can rest assured that your outdoor living spaces and home will be immaculately illuminated, balancing both security and harmony.

Landscape Lighting Installation and Design in Georgetown

Infinity Lights installed on a gorgeous house.

When you spend time and money on landscape design for your Georgetown home, you don’t want it to go to waste. With the right landscape lighting, you can make the most of your landscaping investment around-the-clock. At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting, our experts provide effective landscape lighting installation and design in Georgetown, so you can keep your landscape noticeable when it’s dark out. The professionals at our family-owned lighting company know how to select the right landscape lighting design for any property. Our experts also follow strict safety guidelines during the installation process, which helps ensure that your new lighting is properly set up and ready to use.

When you have an impressive garden, decorative trees, and bushes or fountains and other water features as part of your landscaping, our experts can make sure that your new landscape lighting enhances their appearance. Our landscape lighting also adds security to your property and lowers the risk of personal injury or intruders. With our LED lighting for landscaping, you’ll also have affordable lighting that reduces your energy usage. You can count on the professionals at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting to provide you with superior landscape lighting at your Georgetown home.

Pathway Lighting in Georgetown, Texas

Pathway lighting is designed to illuminate your paths and walkways around your property, ensuring that family members and guests can safely navigate them. Pathway lighting has many benefits such as:

  • Improving your home’s security
  • Protecting border plants from accidentally being stepped on
  • Marking paths and boundaries
  • Highlighting changes in elevation
  • Adding to the curb appeal

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is proud to serve the community of Georgetown, Texas. We offer the best low-voltage pathway and walkway lighting solutions for both residential and commercial businesses. Contact our team today for more information on our pathway lighting services.

Georgetown Poolside Lighting

A pool is a luxury item to have on your Texas property, which is why it is vital to ensure that it is always seen as a crowning jewel for your home. Poolside lighting not only beautifully illuminates your pool after dark but it also allows you to extend your swimming hours and keeps all swimmers safe. Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers comprehensive solutions for your pool lighting needs, ensuring that pool steps, pool deck, and the area surrounding the pool is properly lighted. Enjoy your outdoor oasis by contacting Enhanced outdoor Lighting & Design for more information on our poolside lighting services.

Permanent Christmas Lights in Georgetown, Texas

Infinity Lights with Valentine's Day Colors.

Texas is inwon for its extreme heat during the summer, sudden crisp temperatures during the winter, and the random hot spell that can occur without warning. These extreme weather changes can wreak havoc on traditional Christmas lights, leaving you struggling to quickly find a latter and replace broken bulbs and strands. Thankfully, there is a permanent solution for this issue.

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design now proudly offers Infinity Lighting, also known as permanent Christmas lighting offer the beauty of Christmas lights without the ugliness of wires and the headache of broken bulbs. These lights can be customized to match the different seasons of the year by an app on your smartphone, allowing the colors to change. They are installed directly into the gutter or fascia line, increasing the durability of these structures and helping to outline the architecture of your home.

Georgetown Resources

The cost of living index in Georgetown is 98, which is higher than the Texas cost of living index of 90 and just a bit lower than the U.S. cost of living index of 100. Residents who make their home in the city have an average household income of $62,219, which is considerably higher than the national average household income of $53,482 and the Texas average household income of $52,576. Around 47,400 people live in Georgetown.

The average price for homes in Georgetown is $197,600, which is higher than the average home price of $131,400 in Texas and the average home price of $175,700 in the U.S.

The higher cost of homes and the higher cost of living in Georgetown compared to the rest of the state has a few notable advantages to consider. More and more people are moving to the city thanks to its very low crime rate, impressive local amenities, and good employment opportunities. The city also has several decent schools, including private schools.

Georgetown welcomes volunteers from several different departments and organizations. These volunteer opportunities help keep the city in excellent condition and provide residents with a chance to give back to the community. Volunteer opportunities include helping the local animal shelter, public library, police department and parks and recreation department. Residents can also be part of the Main Street Program, which is responsible for planning and hosting local events and caring for the city’s downtown area.

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