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  • Outdoor Lighting in Jarrell, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in Jarrell, Texas

Outdoor lighting is important to homeowners in Jarrell. That is why you can count on the most trusted exterior lighting company throughout the greater Austin and San Antonio region, Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, a proud family-owned business. The aim is to put the customer’s needs first- and to provide the best LED lighting solutions for homes and businesses across the service area. 

At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, superior service and unsurpassed products are the goal. With a 15-year warranty on most LED fixtures- or 40,000 hours of lamp life, whichever comes first- you won’t need to worry about being left in the dark. There is a six year warranty provided on upgradeable, replaceable LED lamps and fixtures, too. 

The landscape lighting team knows the challenges of outdoor lighting solutions. They design each project with the home in mind, as no two properties are exactly the same. Putting together the perfect lighting for a property is like an art form- when completed, it is a beautiful thing. 

Call to learn more and speak with one of the experienced outdoor lighting designers. There is never a charge for your initial consultation and price estimate. Schedule a walk-through with the team today!

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Jarrell, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers a comprehensive outdoor lighting services to the home and business owners of Jarrell, Texas.

Regardless of your personal preference or your property’s unique needs, our design team has the solutions that will not only meet these requirements but also heightens the beauty of your outdoor living spaces. We create functional art that beautifully combines both beauty and security. Create the perfect harmony for your Jarrell property by investing in gorgeous outdoor lighting from Enhanced outdoor Lighting & Design.

Landscape Lighting Installation and Design in Jarrell

outdoor lighting creating shadows from a tree

So, why bother investing in landscape lighting? The real question is: can you afford not to invest in outdoor lighting for your property? Outdoor and landscape lighting provides many benefits to homeowners and businesses alike. 

Consider these perks and then decide whether installing modern LED landscape lighting is a prudent and practical investment to make: 

  • LED landscape lighting enhances the looks of the overall property and improves curb appeal. Curb appeal is key when looking at listing or selling a property- without proper curb appeal, many prospective buyers may not want a closer look. Great curb appeal only increases the value of your investment. 
  • LED is a prudent lighting solution for outdoor, out of the way spaces that you want to enjoy comfortably. This optimizes your enjoyment of your property. LED goes where other lighting simply cannot. 
  • LED Landscape Lighting provides an opportunity to get creative and attract others with your illumination and light displays. You can set a mood with soft lighting- or mimic the natural lighting all around. You may also choose to highlight organic property features, like a garden or tree, with  LED lighting. The possibilities are endless!   
  • Working with a lighting professional can help you pinpoint money-saving solutions such as low-voltage landscape lights that illuminate the property, but for less. Over time, this can significantly impact what you spend on maintaining your home or business- saving you more and more money over the course of time. 

Finally, and most importantly, landscape lighting offers a sense of security and safety for all who live, visit, or work on the property. From sensor-activated lights to security fixtures that can prevent a nasty fall, adequate lighting is key for fostering a safe and comfortable environment.

Patio Lighting in Jarrell, Texas

A patio is the ideal place to spend time outdoors. It acts an extension of your home, allowing you to sit outdoors or create special entertainment areas. Outdoor lighting ensures that you can enjoy this outdoor living space even when the sun goes down.

At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, our team provides expert patio lighting solutions for home or business. Turn your patio area into a sparkling nighttime wonderland that your family, guests, or customers would love to spend time in.

Outdoor Garage Lighting in Jarrell, Texas

The professional outdoor lighting experts at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is renowned for its ability to enhance the natural beauty of your home and surrounding landscape through our outdoor lighting services. We offer unparalleled LED outdoor garage lighting solutions to highlight the beauty of your property while also increasing the security of your home. We know that a garage is a prominent feature of your home’s curbside view, which is why it is important that the garage’s beautiful stone or brickwork can be shown off. Let your neighbors every intricate detail with outdoor garage lighting from Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design.

Permanent Christmas Lights in Jarrell, Texas

A close up of the infinity lights app.

Tired of the annual chore of dragging your ladder out of the garage, setting it up and making the harrowing climb to hang Christmas lights? What about the constant headache of replacing the same bulb that inevitable goes out right in the middle of the holiday season? Well, instead of grumbling as you head to the store, instead, save time and contact your trusted outdoor lighting specialists at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design.

Our team has partnered with Infinity Lighting which manufactures permanent Christmas lights that takes the hassle out of the holiday season while allowing you to enjoy the captivating beauty of Christmas lights all year long. Stop worrying about ugly wires, as these lights blend seamlessly into your home. They are also customizable, with the colors able to change with a push of a button on your smart device. Change the lights to match that time of the year, show off your mood, or match your or your family’s favorite colors. Contact our team today for more information!

Resources for Jarrell, Texas

Living in Jarrellis very pleasant for the few that live here. The current population is 2,070 people in Jarrell, with a cost of living that is nearly 10% less than the rest of the United States. With an average income of around $53,000, people live well in Jarell. The average home price is about $278,000, with appreciations of over 8% during the past ten years and significant spikes since the pandemic. 

People may be flocking to buy property in Jarrell with home appreciations soaring over the past year. 

Visiting Jarrell, Texas

While Jarrell is a rural area without a lot of attractions, it is only 40 min from Austin- which has plenty to offer visitors. The best times of year to visit Jarrell are April, October, and November when the weather is mildest. It can be unbearably hot in July and August if you are not used to the Texas heat! 

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