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Outdoor Lighting & Design in Round Rock, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is a premier outdoor lighting company that creates immaculate designs that boost the visual appeal and security of your home and outdoor spaces. Our dedicated team of outdoor lighting specialists works with you to find the perfect solutions for your outdoor space. Whether you need security lighting to ward off intruders or landscape lighting to show off your gorgeous plants, we have the right lights and techniques to make it happen!

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is proud to be a family-owned-and-operated business. Our team offers unparalleled customer service as we treat each client like family and each home as if it were our own. Our mission is to create gorgeous and superior outdoor lighting designs to give you more time to enjoy your outdoor space, feel safe, and appreciate the beauty around you. With years of experience in the trade, our team can turn any outdoor space into a living piece of art.

All of our LED fixtures are backed by a 15-year warranty or a 40,000-hour lamp life warranty. All of our ‘retrofit’ or upgradeable, replaceable LED lamps come with a 6-year warranty.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Round Rock, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers a comprehensive outdoor lighting services for the residential and commercial properties of Round Rock, Texas.

Our outdoor lighting design team starts every project by sitting down with the client to get an idea of what it is they are looking for in their outdoor lighting design. Whether their goal is to increase the security of their property, make a particular outdoor living space more enjoyable at night, or they want to highlight the beauty of their home’s architecture, we have solutions for everyone. All of our outdoor lighting designs and installations are guaranteed to bring a sense of harmony and safety throughout your property. Transform the way you view your home or business at night by contact Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design today!

Garden Lighting Services in Round Rock, Texas

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Considering how much time and work goes into it, your garden should be shown off, even at night time. Gorgeous and soft outdoor garden lighting can help you do just that by highlighting the features and characteristics of your plants. Not only does the lighting highlight your green thumb, but outdoor garden lighting can add drama and flair to your backyard. Contact our team for more information on our garden lighting services!

Security Lighting for a Safer Home in Round Rock, Texas

Outdoor Lighting is a must-have for the security of your home. Outdoor lighting creates safer conditions for your family and friends by revealing any tripping hazards on your property, chasing shadows away from hard-to-see areas, and keeping intruders at bay. Your trusted team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design can improve your security without sacrificing the natural visual appeal of your home or outdoor space. Contact us today for more information.

Poolside Lighting in Round Rock, Texas

Pools are a popular feature for many homes in Round Rock, Texas. With Texas’s notoriously hot summers, many individuals look forward to letting the cares of the day float away while escaping the heat. Extend your enjoyment of your pool to the nighttime hours by investing in gorgeous poolside lighting from Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design. Our team can enhance your swimming pool by incorporating poolside lighting that both complements the beauty and enhances the safety of your pool.

Round Rock Permanent Christmas Lights

A street view of a house with Christmas lights being controlled by an app on a phone.

Do you dread dragging your ladder out every year to put up and remove Christmas lights? What about the constant anxiety that comes when you notice that one bulb starting to flicker, and it inevitably goes out before the holiday season is halfway over? Those days are over, thanks to the newest partnership with Infinity Lighting and Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design. Our team can install gorgeous permanent Christmas lights to your home or commercial property.

These lights offer beauty and charm without having those distracting, ugly wires being visible during the day. These lights are installed seamlessly into your building’s fascia or gutter line, making it disappear in the day and giving your building a unique look at night. The lights are also customizable through the connected Infinity Lighting app, meaning you can switch up the style to match your mood or any holiday season. Unlock the potential of your Round Rock home with permanent Christmas lights.

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