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  • Outdoor Lighting in West Lake Hills, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in West Lake Hills, Texas

Outdoor lighting can completely transform the look of your outdoor living spaces at night, chasing away the shadows to create a safe and inviting place to relax. When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your West Lake Hills home, Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is there for you. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions that are perfectly catered to your style of home or desired function for your outdoor space. From landscape lighting to garden lighting, our design team will create the perfect space for you to relax, enjoy your home, and wow your family and friends.

As a family-owned and operated business, Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers a unique perspective on outdoor lighting design that is shaped by years of experience. We treat our clients like family. We work hard to create a beautiful and functional space that prioritizes safety first and foremost. 

Our team is dedicated to upholding excellent customer service by placing our clients’ needs first and using only the best LED lighting that the industry has to offer. All of our LED fixtures are backed by a 15-year or 40,000-hour lamp life warranty. All of our ‘retrofit’ or upgradeable, replaceable LED lamps have a 6-year warranty.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in West Lake Hills, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is the trusted outdoor lighting specialists in the West Lake Hills community. Our team has helped countless residential and commercial clients show their property in its best light.

Regardless of your personal preference or property’s specific needs, you can trust that the design team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design has the solutions for you. From being able to create classic rustic feel or a sleek modern touch, you can rest assured that your outdoor lighting will match your dreams. Create a sense of harmony and safety across your outdoor living spaces by giving our team a call today!

West Lake Hills Commercial Outdoor Lighting

commercial landscape lighting

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design proudly serves commercial properties in West Lake Hills, Texas. Whether you are looking to use outdoor lighting for security purposes or simply enhance the aesthetics outside of your store, our team can help! We offer many services to our commercial customers, including installing security lighting, pool lights, or even garden and path lighting for the landscaping outside of your store.

Garden Lighting in West Lake Hills, Texas

Take a nice stroll around your garden at night and enjoy the magnificent flowers and plants with exceptional garden lighting from Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design. Garden lighting is an excellent way to show off your green thumb or add dramatic effects to the special elements of your garden, such as a fountain, a statue, or even a prized tree. Enhance the beauty of your garden and contact Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design today for more information on our services!

West Lake Hills Poolside Lighting

Enjoy an evening or nighttime swim after a long day at work with no fear with Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design’s poolside lighting. Even if you don’t plan on swimming at night, sitting around the beauty of your pool while enjoying a nice book or even a conversation with loved ones can be therapeutic. Poolside lighting allows you to enjoy the calming atmosphere of your pool at all hours and increases the safety of swimmers. Contact our team today to find out more about our poolside lighting services or to schedule an appointment.

Permanent Christmas Lights in West Lake Hills, Texas

A night time side view of permanent Christmas lights installed on a roofline.

Do you dread the holiday season for the sole chore of dragging the old trusty ladder out of the garage and making the terrifying climb up to the roof to hang Christmas lights? Thankfully, those days are over with Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design’s newest service, permanent Christmas light installation. These lights are manufactured by Infinity Lighting and they offer the beauty and charm of traditional Christmas lights. During the daytime, these lights seamlessly blend into your home’s architecture. At night, the lights come to life, offering a gorgeous display that is sure to turn heads.

These lights give homeowners the opportunity to customize their home’s aesthetics. The color of the lights can be changed through a connected smartphone app. Let your lights show off your mood, personal style, or celebrate your favorite holiday. Stop dreading the holiday season and instead, embrace that special feeling all year long with Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design.

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