A swimming pool is professionally lit up at night

If you are looking for a way to revitalize the look of your garden, it may be time to consider adding outdoor lighting. Of course, trying to figure out the best way to light your garden can be a bit tricky since there are tons of options and styles you can choose from. If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect lighting design, here are some tips on how to light your garden:

Light Steps and Pathways

Safety should always be a priority when choosing garden lighting. In the dark, it is easy to miss the stairs or uneven ground. Lighting pathways and stairs is a fantastic way to not only bring some light to your garden but also to help improve safety. Lights should be kept six inches above the pathways in order to provide adequate lighting without hurting your eyes. If you have small walls separating different types of plants, you can recess the lights into the walls to create a soft and beautiful wall-washing effect.

Highlight Water Features

If you have a stream, pond, or fountain in your garden, they’re great features to highlight. Light reflecting off water creates a unique flowing pattern of light which is beautiful in any setting. You can use underwater spotlights to create a soothing candlelight effect or add fiber sets if you want a starlight effect. Whichever you decide, you can be sure that the results will be absolutely stunning.

Olive Green Lights

Olive green lights can blend in with the leaves of plants, giving the impression that the plants are glowing. This is a perfect way to highlight a rare tree or a plant that you want to be the centerpiece of your garden. To create an even more stunning effect, consider placing a copper fitting on your lights. As they age, these fittings will also blend in with the natural green color of the plant.

Light-Up Key Features with Spotlights

If you have an antique statue or other key feature you would like to highlight, you can add some spotlights to your garden. Placing a spotlight directly behind a feature will allow the light to reflect behind it, creating shadows that result in a silhouette effect.

No matter how you choose to light your garden, you can count on the team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting and Design to implement your vision. With our creative innovations in landscape lighting and our top-of-the-line products, you can enjoy the eye-catching beauty of your garden in the dark. Contact us today for more information.