A beautifully lit pool with bubblers inside and plants all around

There are some amazing things you can do with today’s outdoor lights. You can use them to illuminate your walkways, accent plants or special yard features, and highlight your gorgeous landscaping. Outdoor lighting gives you the freedom to use your patio, pool, and deck after the sun sets, allowing you to maximize the time spent with family and friends.

While outdoor lighting is a perfect solution for families to maintain a safe and gorgeous nighttime outdoor environment, sometimes you can encounter a few problems. Thankfully, the dedicated team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design has some answers! Here are the solutions to the most common outdoor lighting problems:

Bug Infestations of Light Fixtures

Some bugs are attracted to light. Moths, ladybugs, and even mosquitos view any light source as a place for food and safety. Homeowners don’t want these pests flying around their head when trying to have an outdoor get together. Some insects, such as fire ants, can be painful to encounter, and their mounds can cause damage to transformers and other lighting fixtures.

There are a few simple solutions that can help you discourage bugs from gathering around your outdoor lighting.

  1. Switch to LED lights. One of the simplest solutions is to switch your lighting to LED lights. LED lights don’t emit as much heat as other light bulbs. Since bugs are attracted to light because it looks and feels like the sun’s heat, LED lights are less attractive. Due to the lack of heat, they are most likely to look somewhere else to warm themselves.
  2. Light a few candles. Burn candles that have a strong scent, such as lavender or peppermint. These aromas are not very appealing to insects. For the best results, put the candles on deck railings, an outdoor table, or directly below the problematic area. Make sure your candles are a safe distance away from any flammable material and only have them lighted when you are outside.

  3. Use an outdoor fan. Whether this is an outdoor ceiling fan or a personal fan, the blades will help keep the air moving. This removes any scent of food, carbon dioxide, and other scents that attract bugs away from the area you and your family are using.

Poor Light Connections

Let’s face it. Some lighting companies or even DIY projects don’t take the time to ensure that the connection and wiring process is done correctly. It takes a master lighting technician to design the correct lighting connection and to ensure that everything is secure and hidden away. If your lights are flickering or not coming on when directed, you need to contact a lighting professional right away. Poor lighting connections, if not solved promptly, can lead to damage to the connection or the light itself.

Light Bulb Malfunctions

A beautiful garden with well lights.

Nothing was built to last. LED lights, while they have an incredible lifespan of 11-17 years (depending on usage), eventually there will come a time to replace them. However, if you use traditional light bulbs, similar to old-string Christmas lights where one goes out they all go out, you may run into an issue trying to find the problematic bulb.

If you are experiencing this type of problem, the solution requires a bit of new hardware. This can include a multi-tap transformer that can handle different voltages or even a surge protector. Also, contact your local professional lighting company, like the team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design. They can help you rewire your lights so that only the burned bulb will go out and not all of them.

Our team will also perform lighting maintenance and inspection to ensure that everything is running properly and any potential issues are handled. Whether you are looking for maintenance or to install a customized lighting system, there is no better team to call than Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design. Our team is more than happy to provide a free estimate and go over the best possible options and solutions for your household.