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  • Outdoor Lighting in Live Oak, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in Live Oak, Texas

At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, we use high-quality LED outdoor lights to enhance your home and its landscape. The process begins with one of our expert designers visiting your location to better understand your ideas and goals and get to know your property. We also install high-quality landscape audio to enhance your outdoor experience. We are proud to be an accredited business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we were the Kichler Lighting Western Region Contractor of the Year in 2017. Our work has earned us many five-star reviews from satisfied customers, and we look forward to making you one of them.

Our outdoor lighting specialists use only the highest-quality and trusted products in the industry. They are all backed by our incredible warranties, ensuring that your investment is protected against whatever life throws at it. Our LED fixtures have a 15-year or 40,000-hour lamp life warranty. All of our ‘retrofit’ or upgradeable, replaceable LED lamps have a 6-year warranty.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Live Oak, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers comprehensive outdoor lighting services to the residential and commercial properties of Live Oak, Texas.

Why does our team use LEDs for all of our outdoor lighting designs and installations? This is because LEDs have an extremely long lamp life that gives homeowners more bang for their buck over traditional outdoor lighting sources, such as incandescent and fluorescent lights. With professional installation, an LED lamp can easily achieve 80,000+ hours of usage while still maintaining 70% of the original light output.

Outdoor Security Lighting in Live Oak, Texas

The brickwork of a south Texas home can be seen at night by the exterior lighting

When properly used alongside other security systems, outdoor security lighting can enhance the security of your home. At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, we design security lighting layouts that combine form and function. Since we use LED security lights, you can save money on energy bills over traditional lights. In addition to designing outdoor security lighting setups, we also install, service, and repair them. 

Permanent Christmas Lights in Live Oak, Texas

For many people, Christmas lights are a time-honored tradition. However, not everyone wants to climb up a ladder in frigid temperatures only to do it all again to remove them about a month later. 

Unfortunately, setting up Christmas lights is also highly dangerous. That’s where permanent Christmas lights come in. Using a brand called Infinity Lighting by Seasonal Source, we are able to give your home an incredible Christmas look you can access with the push of a button. They blend discreetly into your home when not in use. These lights are not only limited to houses; they also allow businesses to stand out.

Infinity Lighting uses LED lights that offer energy savings over non-LED Christmas lights. They are also made to handle rough weather conditions. These lights even come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Our team can install Infinity Lighting lights and maintain the lighting to keep your house shining bright. They truly are the easy way to decorate your home.

Live Oak Driveway Lights

It is vital to see where you are driving, whether leaving for work before sunrise or coming home long after the sun has set. By adding driveway lights to your driveway, you can make it safer and more welcoming. These lights can alert drivers to hazards such as people and animals. With driveway lights, it is also easier for you and your guests to stay on the driveway, protecting the grass next to it. We not only design incredible driveway lighting designs, but we also install, service, and repair them.

We have the following options available for driveway lights:

  • Transit lighting – Transit lighting offers a subtle approach. It is mounted low to the ground either by putting the bottom end of the light into the ground or by using a low-lying pole. As the lights are not at eye level, it makes it less likely that they will be distracting.
  • Post lighting – Post lighting covers a large area, enabling you to see more. Post lights are commonly mounted on three to four-foot poles. These lights can highlight entry and exit points. They are often positioned at the intersection of the road and your driveway and the intersection of your driveway and walkway leading to your home. It is vital that they are not distracting for drivers on the road, as this can cause unsafe situations.
  • Path lighting – Path lights are great for illuminating changes in elevation and showing possible tripping hazards. Path lights can also mark a border between a driveway and plants or flower beds.

Live Oak Patio Lighting

backyard patio lit up with outdoor lighting

For outdoor spaces like patios, LED lights are the ideal solution. They offer affordable and energy-efficient lighting that delivers a strong and long lasting light. They work well under intense weather conditions, able to stay on in driving rain or under extreme heat.

LED patio lighting allows you to use your outdoor living space long after the sun has gone down. Whether you have a gorgeous sitting area for you to relax or unwind or an attached patio garden, these lights highlight the beautiful natural colors without washing the details out. Contact our team today for more information on our patio lighting design and installation services.

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