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  • Outdoor Lighting in Dripping Springs, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in Dripping Springs, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is a premier lighting company that creates immaculate designs guaranteed to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Our expert team of professionals can help you find the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Security lighting? We have many options. Landscape lighting to show off your gorgeous plants? We can make it happen! Want to brighten up an outdoor living room or show off your new pool? Say no more.

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is proud to be a family-owned and operated business. Our team offers unparalleled customer service, as we treat each client like family and each home as if it were our own. We make it our mission to create superior outdoor design, with a team that has years of experience in the trade and can offer unique insight and perspective about which fixtures can truly transform your outdoor space into a work of living art. All of our LED fixtures are backed by a 15-year warranty or 40,000-hour lamp life warranty. All of our ‘retrofit’ or upgradeable, replaceable LED lamps come with a 6-year warranty.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Dripping Springs, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers a wide variety of outdoor lighting services to illuminate the beauty of your Dripping Springs, Texas property.

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is committed to creating custom designed outdoor lighting that meets our clients property’s unique requirements. Whether that is special lighting consideration for larger properties that have special features such as boat docks or they have a particular style they want to adhere to, our design team can make it happen. We take every precaution to ensure that your outdoor lighting creates a sense of harmony and safety throughout your property.

Garden Lighting in Dripping Springs, Texas

Iron gate with security lighting

There’s nothing more enjoyable than strolling through your very own garden late at night, talking with your loved ones and enjoying the beauty of mother nature. Keep you and your loved ones safe with Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design’s garden lighting. Our beautiful garden lighting fixtures magically light up the pathways of your garden, highlighting the natural, captivating beauty of your plants while complimenting the night sky. Get in touch to find out how we can complement your garden while making it safer for your enjoyment!

Dripping Springs Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to show off the brilliance of your lawn, brighten up hard-to-see areas for security purposes, or show off the beauty of your home, landscape lighting offers a plethora of benefits. With the services Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design has to offer, increase the curb appeal of your home and your home’s value!

Dripping Springs Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is proud to offer high-quality commercial outdoor lighting for businesses in Dripping Springs, Texas. From lighting outdoor pools at hotels to installing security lighting, our professional team has the ideal lighting design for your property that boosts aesthetics and security.

Permanent Christmas Lights in Dripping Springs, Texas

A night time side view of permanent Christmas lights installed on a roofline.

Permanent Christmas Lighting is the newest innovation in outdoor lighting. These durable LED lights are installed onto your house, with the wires being craftily hidden within your home’s architecture so they seamlessly blend in. These lights have an impressive lifespan of 4,000 hours, incredible durability, and gives the homeowner the ability to control the color and look of the lights through an app on their smartphone or other smart-device.

No more will you have to worry about replacing that one pesky bulb that always seems to go out or worry about climbing up a ladder to hang up or remove Christmas lights. With Permanent Christmas Lighting, you can share your mood or personal style, switch it up, and have a gorgeous custom look all year long.

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