Gorgeous outdoor lighting highlighting a garden.

Once you make the decision to install outdoor lighting, you’ll still have a ton of choices to make. You’ll need to think about where you want to place your lights, how many lights you want to install, and who will be installing them, for instance. One of the biggest choices you’ll make, though, is whether to use gas lighting or electric lighting.

The Benefits of Gas Lighting

The main benefit of gas lighting is that it’s not as harsh as electric lighting. The soft light creates a more rustic feel which produces a more relaxing atmosphere.

The Benefits of Electric Lighting

There are many more benefits to consider when it comes to electric lighting.


LED lights have an incredibly long lifespan so you can enjoy your illuminated backyard without worrying about when the bulbs will go out. Their lifespan of up to 50,00 hours means that you can spend a minimal amount of time worrying about replacing your lights.


Gas lighting must be manually turned off and on, but electric lighting can be set to a timer or a light sensor so that you have one less daily chore to remember. In some cases, electric lighting can even be controlled with your smartphone, allowing you to control your outdoor lighting from anywhere.

More Economical

Electricity doesn’t fluctuate in price as gas does. Gas prices change depending on how much is readily available, which can lead to unforeseen costs. The steady price of electricity makes it much easier to stick to a budget. The longevity of LEDs also makes electric lighting the more budget-friendly choice in the long term.


Natural or propane gas is flammable, but electric lighting is not, making electric lighting the relatively safer choice. LED lights, in particular, don’t run hot and do not have a high risk of causing a fire. Using an already established electric line to connect new lighting makes for even greater safety and faster installation time.

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