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  • Outdoor Lighting in Alamo Heights, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in Alamo Heights, Texas

If you are looking to create a unique outdoor living space for your Alamo Heights home, Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design can help! Our team offers a wide range of products and solutions for your outdoor lighting needs, ensuring that we can match any style or function you have planned for your outdoor space. Whether you want magnificent poolside lighting to provide security and calming ambiance or garden lighting to create a serene place to take an evening stroll, you can rest assured our team has the designs and fixtures to surpass your expectations!

As a family owned and operated business, Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design puts our clientele first and treats them like family. Our designers have a keen eye for design and can create custom outdoor lighting designs that enhance the beauty of your outdoor space without overpowering it and washing it out. Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design only uses the most trusted products in the industry and backs all of our LED fixtures with a 15-year or 40,000-hour lamp life warranty. All of our ‘retrofit’ or upgradeable, replaceable LED lamps have a 6-year warranty.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Alamo Heights, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers a wide range of outdoor lighting services to highlight the beauty of your Alamo Heights property.

Our outdoor lighting specialists understand that every property is as unique as the individuals who own it. This is why our design team works closely with our clients, creating a custom lighting design to meet their property’s requirements and the property owner’s style. You can rest assured that your outdoor living spaces will be beautifully illuminated, creating a sense of harmony across your property while increasing security.

Patio Lighting in Alamo Heights, Texas

backyard patio lit up with outdoor lighting

There is nothing quite like going out onto your patio after a long day of work with a glass of wine and a good book to let the day’s worries melt away. Outdoor lighting for your patio can help transform it into a calming space or make it bright enough to entertain guests. Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & designs offers expert patio lighting solutions for your Alamo Heights home so that you can turn your patio space into an extended living space for your home! Contact our team today for more information about our outdoor patio lighting options!

Alamo Heights Security Lighting

One of the best uses for outdoor lighting is security lighting. Security lighting can help increase the value of your home or business, and create safer conditions for those on the property. Outdoor lighting can act as a deterrent for home intruders, by chasing away the shadows and their place to hide. Outdoor lighting can be balanced to provide your home with both aesthetic beauty and protection. Contact our team for more information about how you can balance the beauty of your security lighting today!

Landscape Lighting in Alamo Heights, Texas

Whether you want to highlight a few features of your landscape or enhance the entire area, you can achieve those goals with landscape lighting. Landscape lighting allows you to strategically light up the exterior of your home or business, allowing the beauty of your yard or the outside of your business to be appreciated by night. Quality landscape lighting starts with identifying the gorgeous natural elements of your home and accentuating those features. This helps give your neighbors or customers the best first impression possible.

Permanent Christmas Lighting in Alamo Heights, Texas

Infinity Lights with Valentine's Day Colors.

One of the most dreaded traditions during the holiday season is the long climb up the ladder to put up the Christmas lights. Every homeowners feels that sense of fear settling in the pit of their stomach, as they work at untangling lights, hanging them up in the perfect position, get down from the ladder, only to find that all of their hard work resulted in nothing. One of the bulbs is out and another one is flickering like crazy. With a heavy sigh, you head to the store to buy new lights and start the process all over again.

The trusted outdoor lighting specialists at Enhanced Outdoor lighting & Design have the solution, permanent Christmas lights! Our team has recently partnered with Infinity Lighting, a manufacturer of the newest innovations in the outdoor lighting field. Their permanent Christmas gives your home the charm of traditional Christmas lights with the flexibility of modern innovation. The lights can be customized through an app on your smartphone or smart device. You can show off any mood, style, or holiday feel that you want to use and no longer have to threat about the perilous climb or those pesky bulbs going out.

Permanent Christmas lights blend seamlessly into your home’s gutter line or fascia, making them invisible during the day. Our team can also replace bulbs for you when they go out, which thanks to LED technology, will be years down the line.

Stop fretting the holiday season and instead, embrace the captivating look of permanent Christmas lights for your Alamo Heights home.

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