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  • Outdoor Lighting in Port Aransas, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in Port Aransas, Texas

Whether you are looking for outdoor lighting for residential or commercial locations, the professionals at Enhanced Outdoor & Design can help. We provide exceptional lighting that will revolutionize the way you view your landscape at night. Our talented designers bring out the best in any property with high-quality and warranty-backed LED lighting.

When you come to us for outdoor lighting design, one of our designers will visit your home to get to know it and learn how best to light it.

Our hard work has earned us many five-star reviews from satisfied customers, the Kichler Lighting Western Region Contractor of the Year award in 2017, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Port Aransas, Texas

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers a wide variety of outdoor lighting services to show off the immaculate beauty of your Port Aransas property.

All of our LED fixtures are backed by a 15-year or 40,000-hour lamp life warranty. Our ‘retrofit’ or upgradeable, replaceable LED lamps have a 6-year warranty. These warranties are designed to protect your investment and is a way that we keep our commitment to only offering our clients the best products in the lighting industry. Invest in quality with Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design.

Outdoor LED Lighting in Port Aransas, Texas

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Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design uses LED (light-emitting diodes) to illuminate residential and commercial properties. Our experts understand LED lighting and will use it to bring out the best in your property.

LED lights offer a number of benefits over conventional lighting. Some of these benefits include:

  • Saving energy
  • Being environmentally friendly
  • Cooler functioning
  • Typically attracts fewer insects than conventional lights 
  • Resistant to harsh temperatures
  • Long-lasting

At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, we don’t just design and install outdoor LED lighting— we also maintain and repair it.

Outdoor Security Lighting in Port Aransas, Texas

When used correctly alongside other security systems, outdoor security lighting can be a helpful tool for protecting your home or business. Security lighting doesn’t only have to be about protection; it can also enhance the visual appeal of your property. At Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design, we use high-quality LED lighting to create excellent security lighting designs. Since we use LED lighting, it will be easier on your energy bill. Along with designing and installing security lights, we also maintain and repair them.

Port Aransas Outdoor Speaker System Installation

You don’t have to attend a concert to hear great music outdoors. With a high-quality Sound By Vista landscape sound system, you can listen to music, the big game, podcasts, and more in the comfort of your backyard. A landscape speaker system is designed to blend into your landscape so discreetly that you might even forget where it is!

Sound By Vista is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible and integrates with Siri, Voice Control with Google Home Assistant, AirPlay 2, Chrome Cast, and Spotify Connect.

The Sound By Vista audio system is designed to handle rough weather and harsh temperatures.

We understand that every landscape is different, so when we install your outdoor speaker system, we make sure it sounds great while not standing out. What’s not to love?

Port Aransas Fence and Post Lighting

back patio and pergola with outdoor lighting

Your fencing isn’t only a means of protecting your Port Aransas property, but it adds a sense of character to your property’s overall landscaping design. Your home or business’s fence needs to be taken into consideration during the design process for your outdoor lighting. Not only does showing off the beautiful material that is used to create your fence, such as wood or cast iron but it also serves practical purposes. These include but are not limited to:

  • Breaking up dark patches on your property
  • Increasing the overall visual appeal of your property
  • Increasing security

Ready to invest in fence and post lighting that shows your property in its best light? Contact Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design!

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