Cute ghosts surrounding a motion detector with the words, can motion detectors catch ghosts?

As you are snuggling under the covers for a good night’s sleep, you notice that your motion sensor lights suddenly came on. You sit up for a moment, contemplating whether your neighbor’s dog got out of the yard again or if there might be a stranger stalking around your home. You wait a few moments, each second that passes you feel your pulse quickening. You put on your slippers and quietly tip-toe near the window and peer outside. With a huge sigh of relief, you realize that nothing is there and it is safe to go back to bed. But, as you turn away, the motion lights turn off for a brief moment and then come right back on. You feel a shiver go down your spine. You didn’t see anyone or animal, does that mean…your home is haunted? Can motion sensor lights react to ghosts?

How Do Motion Sensor Lights Work?

Motion sensor lights are equipped with a special electronic eye that picks up on infrared waves. Infrared waves are created by radiating heat off of a moving object, such as a person or even a car. Motion sensor lights are extremely sensitive, and some models have been known to react to a simple leaf blowing by. But, the question remains, can they pick up on a non-physical object moving, like a ghost?

What Are Ghosts Made Of?

Dramatic lighting climbs the walls of an Austin area homeThere is a lot of lore about what ghosts are, how they got their beginnings, and what they are made out of. Most paranormal investigators agree that ghosts can be created and made up of different materials, which can be created by a number of factors. Here are the more common types of ghosts;

Interactive Ghosts are said to be spirits of a deceased person. These ghosts are the remnants of feelings and emotions of that person that have become trapped here on earth. These spirits are said to be either friendly or mean. These are the ghosts that can manifest into human form, speak, make noises, move objects, touch, or even emit a scent that is significant of them, such as cigar smoke or perfume. 

Ectoplasm Ghosts are made up of spiritual energy that is often said to come from a physical medium. These ghosts are often seen as little swirling clouds of mist or fog. According to paranormal experts, these types of spirits often need help manifesting into a human-like shape by draining the energy of someone or something else. They are mostly witnessed in graveyards and historical sites, such as battlefields. 

Poltergeists are the vicious and angry ghosts that most people think of when they hear the term haunting. These spirits are created by mass amounts of negative energy, such as after a large battle or a horrific event. They often attach themselves to a particular person and then use their energy to move things around, throw objects, and make loud noises. 

Is My Motion Detector Picking Up a Ghost?

Remember, your motion detector can pick up infrared waves of heat due to movement. Unlike physical beings, such as a dog or a human, there is no heat coming off of a ghost. This means that if a ghost were to cross your motion detector, it probably wouldn’t go off due to the lack of heat. 

How Does Energy Create Heat?

According to paranormal investigators, ghosts are masses of energy, or human emotion when considering the interactive ghosts. Since there is no scientific way to prove that emotions cause any sort of energy or heat without a human body or brain to even think or feel them, we can go ahead and debunk that type of ghost. The rest of the ghosts are created by massive amounts of energy. 

Energy and Heat

For energy to create heat, energy has to be transferred. Whether that be by friction, the rubbing of two objects together, one object coming into contact with another, or from a chemical reaction. We already know that ghosts have no physical bodies of their own, meaning that it cannot create friction. For it to create heat by coming into contact with another object, it would have to be giving energy, not taking. Which rules out that theory. Finally, ghosts have no chemical make-up besides energy and ectoplasm and therefore, cannot produce heat through a chemical reaction. 

What About All of the Ghost Catching Gadgets?

A beautiful back yard with a gazebo seen at night by outdoor lightingIf you ever peruse some of the ghost hunting sites on the web, you will find that most of them call for portable and low-grade motion detectors. Why? Because almost anything can set them off. A leaf blows by the motion detector and friction from the wind rubbing against the surface of the leaf could cause the detector to pick it up. 

Why Are My Motion Lights Continuously Coming on When Nothing is There?

While it is easy and more fun, in some cases, to blame your motion lights coming off and on randomly on ghosts, the most likely solution is that the sensitivity is too high. With advancements in technology, more sensitivity provides your home more protection. Meaning, for example, that a mouse crawling through your yard will be caught by your powerful lights. If this isn’t the case, then there could be a mechanical problem, such as a blown fuse. 

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