Fireworks bursting in the night sky with words overtop that reads, Fourth of July lighting ideas

Independence Day is a fantastic time to celebrate the freedoms we get to enjoy every day with our friends and family. Barbeques, pool parties, a family and friends field day, or any activity you have planned can feel more patriotic with a little mood lighting. These Fourth of July Lighting ideas are easy, safe, and fun DIY projects that are a perfect way to bring the whole family together.

1. Red, White, and Blue Rope Lights.

Rope lights are a fun way to add some extra flair to any front porch, garden, pool, or deck decorations. They are festive, safe, and can be used to create a maze in the yard for the little ones to run through. They do not create heat, meaning that the risk of burns and damaging any nearby plants is non-existent.

While you can technically buy these lights at your nearest gardening or home goods store, you can also make your own set. All you need is some Christmas lights and clear PVC tubing. To make them, run your chosen lights through the PVC tubing and cap the end of the pipe that you will not be plugging in. Make sure you leave the end of the rope open so you may plug the lights in.

Due to the low voltage of these lights, you can use a standard outdoor outlet to plug them in. Then all you have to do is hang them up to decorate your porch or deck. To make a maze, just place them on the ground in a pattern of your design. The durability of the PVC pipes will ensure that the lights are protected in case they accidentally get stepped on.

2. Patriotic Mason Jar Lights

If you are looking for a centerpiece for an outdoor table or a creative craft to do with the kids, you can make patriotic mason jars. You will need to purchase mason jars, the size is up to you, from any arts and crafts store, some window paint, and some paintbrushes. Next, allow your children to design the outside of their mason jars with the paint. They could paint stars, the stripes from the flag, or anything that makes them proud to be an American. Once they have finished with their design, give the mason jars a few hours to dry.

Once they are dried, place white Christmas lights or fake candles inside of the jar to allow the colors to pop and illuminate. Once the holiday has passed, you can store your jars by wrapping them in paper towels to create a soft buffer and place them in a garage or attic until next year.

3. Table Cloth and Lights

Another great way to decorate picnic or outdoor tables is by placing thin red, white, and blue tablecloths on them. You can then light them up by placing Christmas lights on the center of the table or hanging them underneath. This will help brighten up eating areas, create a beautiful patriotic display, and can be amplified by adding a flag in a potted plant as a centerpiece.

4. Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

To add a bigger flair to your Fourth of July decorations, why not incorporate the outdoor lighting you already have? You can always place little American flags in front of path lights leading up to your home. (Just make sure the ends of the flag don’t touch the ground.) This is a great decoration to welcome guests and leads them to where the festivities are.

If you have a pool or fountain, you can buy cute little red, white, and blue plastic stars or balls and throw them in. These little decorations will catch and reflect the light from your pool or fountain lighting and reflect it across the waters and the surrounding areas. This will help spread the patriotic colors with an added neat water pattern design.

Incorporating your outdoor lighting will help you keep your decorating costs low and allow you to come up with some creative ideas of your own. If you are in need of landscape, garden, or poolside lighting, do not hesitate to call the creative team at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design. Their immaculate attention to detail and priority of creating a safe environment has made them one of the leading outdoor lighting design companies. Their work speaks for itself. Call Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design today for a free consultation.