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Best Commercial Lighting in Kyle, Texas

Many homeowners rely on outdoor lighting because they are attracted to its illuminative beauty. Others may consider the security benefits of a professionally installed system. Exterior lighting is ideal for implementing a protective method to brighten your property and discourage trespassers. It can also be a trendy fixture for landscaping, walkways, and driveways.

Professional Services We Offer the City of Kyle

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting assists commercial and residential clients in Kyle, Texas, with designing innovative outdoor lighting, creating a stunning outdoor aesthetic or employing security methods. Whether a business needs substantial light in its offices or a homeowner wants to illuminate their property, we can help them showcase their gorgeous landscape with sophisticated outdoor lighting.

Patio Lighting

A patio can feel too dim or dark  if it lacks efficient lighting. You can rely on the stunning patio lights to convert your backyard into a twilight paradise providing a lovely space to relax and mingle with friends and family.

Poolside Lighting

Pool lighting can improve your visibility and safety while lounging. It enhances contrast and highlights transitions near decks, walkways, stairs, and other obscure spaces. Underwater lighting is also notably safer and more enjoyable when swimming at night as it allows swimmers to see below the surface.

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is helpful for numerous reasons, depending on your preference. It can maintain the visibility of your garden during the day, at night, and during adverse weather conditions such as rain and heavy snow. You can also add style to the exterior of your home by shining light on your flowerbeds or plants, emphasizing their appeal. Furthermore, garden lighting can also accentuate various garden designs.

Security Lighting

Proper lighting fixtures can give your family or employees a sense of protection. Security lighting is an ideal for keeping away intruders due to its blatant brightness. Security lighting serves to both improve the visibility of your property and emphasizes various corners of your front yard and backyard that may seem hidden. One high-quality attribute is its built-in motion sensors, activated when an individual approaches.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is versatile and has crucial advantages. Investing considerable time and effort in professional landscaping can guarantee that your property has exceptional visibility during sunrise and sunset with efficient lighting. Front yard lights can boost the exterior of your home while accentuating the attractiveness of your landscape. Backyard lighting can brighten obscure areas containing trees or tall hedges.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a common choice for businesses and homeowners who want high-quality, cost-effective lighting. Its process consists of a semiconductor device that generates light through electroluminescence. The benefits of LED lighting include a long lifespan, even with regular use, while reducing electricity costs and conserving energy.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights offer illumination to guide you along an outdoor path or walkway. Generally, the best lights release a soft glow downward, providing a directional path without distracting glare. These lights: 

  • Provide a sense of security in wide and small spaces.
  • Highlight garden plants and flowers.
  • Brighten outdoor living areas.
  • Add aesthetic value and uniform designs for walkways.

Enhanced Outdoor Light and Design offers several options for functional fixtures for pathways. The most common types of lighting are:

  • Garden Lights — Garden lights reflect downward on nearby paths and garden beds. Typically, they stand up to 24 inches, ensuring each area is well-lit.
  • Downlights —Downlights are standard voltage fixtures cut into the ground and connected to a home’s or business’s electrical grid. Each light shines downward, creating attractive lighting cones that accentuate the structural exterior.
  • Bollard Lights – Bollard lights provide wide-angle light distribution. Traditionally, they brighten trees, bushes, and open spaces. Also, each fixture is visible throughout an entire walkway due to its luminosity.
  • Flush Lights — Flush-mount lighting sits firmly against the ceiling, without gaps, chains, rods, and wires.

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Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is family-owned and operated with years of experience in the lighting industry. We work hard to provide businesses and homeowners in Kyle, Texas, with services suitable for their needs.

As highly-skilled professionals, we have the expertise to install gorgeous lighting in various facilities and homes, including dim and dark narrow areas. Additionally, we can match designs using creative highlighting techniques and perform light installations promptly.

We are available to provide information and a custom plan to fit your schedule and lighting conditions. Contact us to schedule your consultation and to discuss proper outdoor lighting for your landscape today!