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Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design offers dazzling service for homeowners and business owners looking to showcase and protect their properties with smartly designed lighting systems. Whether you need to light up a pathway, set up security lighting, or shine more light into a pool or patio area, our friendly lighting professionals are ready to help you navigate your choices. With their assistance, you can design a lighting system that will meet your needs and schedule the easy installation of efficient, long-lasting, and energy-cost-saving LED lights

Considering our achievements of obtaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and being named the Kichler Lighting Western Region Contractor of 2017, you can be sure you are working with a company that will treat you well. If you would like more reassurance, though, you can explore an expansive portfolio and dozens of excellent customer reviews to see just how well Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design serves its customers. 

Landscape Lighting Installation and Design in Jonestown

Think of your exterior lighting packages as the evening paint on the canvas of your home or business. Lighting design professionals can help you enhance the best features of your property, such as landscape elements like trees or bushes, water features, and favorite architectural details. Well-placed exterior lights can provide an artful touch to your property’s appearance by casting delicate shadows of a beloved tree’s spreading branches onto your well-manicured lawn or dazzling the neighbors with the vibrancy of your flower garden.  

With so many possibilities, the best way to determine how to bring your property to life with lighting is to set up a consultation. A skilled designer will meet with you at your property to assess your needs and help you determine your options. Once installation is complete, they’ll return after the sun sets to make any necessary adjustments to ensure your lighting showcases your property perfectly. 

Living in Jonestown

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Jonestown, known as the Gateway to Hill Country, is a delightful community nestled against the shores of Lake Travis that blends the best of small-town living with access to all the resources and entertainment offered by a major city a short drive away. 

With a population that hovers around 2,000, it’s a community that makes it easy to know and appreciate your neighbors. Compared to the US and Texas averages, the cost of living in Jonestown is low. Additionally, the Jonestown average income is higher than the Texas average with a median household income of $82,575 in 2019, making living in Jonestown a great choice financially, too. Housing prices reflect the higher income, with the median housing cost in 2019 being $220,414. 

Access to the recreation of Lake Travis and nearby wildlife refuges makes Jonestown a community for those who enjoy getting outside, whether that’s by angling in the lake, birdwatching, or wandering the local trail-connected parks. With Lago Vista as a neighbor, there is a nearby range of social clubs, theaters, golf, and an art scene to explore. It’s a cozy community to settle in without sacrificing proximity to the resources of Austin. 

If you are new to Jonestown and civic-minded, consider volunteering with the city itself or the local Lion’s Club. You might head over to the Lago Vista Players Club, the Lake Travis Music Theatre, or the Hill Country Singers if you are artistically inclined. Or, consider simply taking a stroll through the connected parks along the lake’s shores and saying a quick hello to your neighbors. 

Visiting Jonestown

Jonestown has a few notable landmarks worthy of a visit. Lake Travis is unmissable, a manufactured reservoir created when the Mansfield Dam was constructed on the Colorado River. The Jones brothers purchased land in the area in advance of the dam’s creation, anticipating the reservoir and the beachfront property it would create. To this day, Lake Travis serves as a focal point of recreation and beauty for Jonestown residents and visitors. 

Nearby, along the shores of Lake Travis, is the Jones Brother’s Park named after the city’s founders. Its 32 acres near the city’s center offer many public amenities, including sand volleyball, tennis, a playscape, ball fields, and plenty of covered picnic areas. Fishing and swimming are possible at the expansive shorefront, and three local boat ramps are available in the park. While there, keep an eye out for the kinetic art sculpture ‘Soaring Swifts’ by Jim Lapaso. When there’s a breeze, it’s easy to see how the artist was inspired by the swooping flight of his subjects.

From the Jones Brother’s Park, a half-mile nature trail known as the Canyonland Trail Park can carry wanderers from the lake’s shore to the nearby Fireman’s Park. Here visitors will find a wood-burning smoker, plenty of shade, and many picnic tables. 

Another small footpath can take park explorers to Shady Park. Yet another park, Veteran’s Memorial Park, is filled with aged oaks and plenty of prime picnic areas. It is also home to a bronze statue sculpted by resident Jim Thomas. Entitled “Going Home”, this statue depicts a young, war-weary soldier anticipating a loving reunion. 

Image of a metal sculpture being lit with outdoor led lighting

Wildlife lovers will want to check out the  Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge a little further afield. Here, visitors will find preserved Ashe juniper and oak woodlands spared from the logging efforts, as well as a vibrant population of golden-cheeked warblers. The Brazos tributaries cut across the landscape in shallow canyons, adding to the already stunning landscape. Stunning black-capped vireo make their home here as well, within the open savannahs. Bird-watchers closer to Jonestown can delight in the population of lively Chimney Swifts which dominate the air in a delightful dance at dusk, chasing their evening meal and thinning local insect populations. 

For the aviation and history buffs, the nearby Rusty Allen Airport is home to the Lago Vista Air Power Museum, housing a collection of historic airplanes and flight-related war memorabilia ranging from WWI to Desert Storm. 

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Enhanced Outdoor Lighting & Design is proud to serve the hardworking individuals of Jonestown, Texas, and the neighboring cities, including Cedar Park and Lakeway. Contact our team today for more information on our outdoor lighting services or to schedule an appointment with our design team!