Landscape Lighting

The improved look of your home with Landscape Lighting and Design with our LED Landscape Lighting will amaze you.You have invested a great deal of time and money into the landscaping of your home and you should showcase your work with exterior lighting so beautiful trees, shrubs and flower beds are visible even after the Texas sun goes down.

Outdoor lighting around your landscaping in the front yard increases curb-appeal. This is important whether you plan to sell your home anytime soon or not. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful home.

The next time you stay in a hotel, walk around the property in the evening and notice how the landscaping and walkways are enhanced with lighting. Many times you may not even see the source of the light because the focal point is on the feature being brightened.

The quality of the fixtures is also an important factor to consider when installing landscape lighting. Because these are areas that require much soil movement as well as constant moisture you want to be sure that the lights installed in your flower plantings and along your walkways will withstand the constant watering and replanting/soil movement. Our LED lights are well suited for all outdoor lighting applications.

We understand that landscaping is a live and changing environment. Because we expect your shrubs to grow we will install lighting that is easily adjusted to changing heights in plants, shrubs, and bushes.

Tree lighting is a special area that we are experienced and ready to help you with. We install outdoor lighting or tree lighting in a way that reduces the number of times you must make major adjustments. Our LED lighting will provide a very soft and appealing effect in and around your trees.

When lighting a tree it is important to take the natural moon light into careful consideration. Our goal at Enhanced Outdoor Lighting is to create a lighting plan that will draw the eye to the natural beauty of the tree and the surrounding landscaping leaving the viewer wondering if the yard is illuminated every night with the light of a clear full moon.

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